Why You Should Be Watching ‘Chef Academy’

Simply put: Because one of the contestants is a fucking hot French porn star.

Chef Academy is clever and the lead chef instructor is a hilarious French prankster. Besides that, the hot French porn star who goes topless and then naked (except for his apron) in one episode, is more than enough reason to watch Chef Academy on Bravo. I watched a bunch of episodes over the holidays and now I’m hooked.

Need some proof? Fine, the hot Frenchie’s name is Emmanuel DelCcour (aka Jean Val Jean in porn). It’s my sad duty to report that he’s straight. So, if you can stomach watching him put his peen in a girl’s hooha, then click here and watch a sampling of his work. Or, if you’re a member of AEBN, then you can watch his stuff here.

Make sure to click through for a YouTube video of Emmanuel posing at Muscle Beach. And, for some action shots from his porn career.

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