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Even Batman Needs a Night Off Once in a While


Sabertooth Tiger Town

OMG, this is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week.

Boy Finds Own Real-Life E.T.

Gay Watch with Jon Stewart

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Political Humor Health Care Crisis

Dear Citizens: “Upholding the Constitution” Is Not a Policy Issue

This one comes my way from my buddy Benacker.

Humpday Hotness – André Ziehe


One word: Brazilian.

The most bizarre thing I can say is that he’s 6’2″ and only has a size 8 shoe. That seems like tiny feet on a tall and lanky dude.

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Naked Human Furniture: Valley Lodge Music Video

Valley Lodge “All of My Loving” from Valley Lodge on Vimeo.

BoingBoing quotes the lead singer of Valley Lodge (who stars in the video above):

This is the new Valley Lodge video for their song “All of My Loving.” It’s the story of a man tormented by his apartment furniture. Kind of like a naked Ethan Allen shoving his bait & tackle in your face all day long when all you really want is a hot girl in cute panties.

Oh, and there’s a bear.

Say Cheese! Flash Mob On Bondi Beach

Flash mobs make me happy. Spontaneous public dancing makes me really happy.

Enrique Iglesias Gets Naked in “Sad Eyes” Music Video

YouTube took the video down. You can still see it here.

Holy Latin hotness. Via Unzipped:

Back in 2000, Enrique Iglesias made a video for his Bruce Springsteen cover, “Sad Eyes,” but apparently there was too much flesh being flashed, so the clip got shelved. Thankfully, someone realized that the world needed to see Enrique Iglesias naked, wet, and stroking himself, and the music video was recently released.

A masturbating Enrique, wild bathtub f–king, and a 12-foot stripper pole/Enrique c-ck make this exactly the kind of softcore porn we can appreciate. Enjoy.

Creative Barcode Art


Via Information Aesthetics:

The firms Bar Code Revolution [barcoderevolution.com] and D-Barcode [d-barcode.com] use a unique process that allows for an original design element to be integrated into a traditional barcode. While retaining the functionality of the barcodes themselves, their visual appearence are augmented with beautiful iconography or outlined in larger graphic patterns.

More barcode design collections are available at creattica and ESBlog. Via Fast Company.

See also Barcode Plantage and Barcode Art.

Arkansas Boy Won’t Say Pledge Until Gays Get Equal Rights

This kid is incredibly well-spoken. I wish more people in America could speak their mind with this sort of conviction and clarity (on both sides of the debate).

Michelle Obama Planting Seeds

I’m at a loss for words. Luckily Andy at MHDaily had some commentary:

Michelle Obama was on a recent episode of Sesame Street and helped some kids plant vegetable seeds. Apparently someone really loved the episode and decided to write a song about it… and why not make a kick ass YouTube video while they’re at it?! It’s actually kind of catchy. Michelle Obama planting seeds… that just sounds wrong.

Murder: Pixar Intro Pardody

Truly Offensive: ObamaChoo and Chia Obama

When I saw the infomerical for Chia Obama on TV a few weeks ago, I was shocked at how something so offensive could be sold by Chia.


Then my friend Alyssa pointed out the Obamachoo, which takes the cake for offensiveness. Wow. Sad to realize there’s a market for something like this.


Humpday Hotness – Jeff Tomsik


Jeff was a garbage man in Ohio, and decided to stop by an open casting call. There, he was discovered by Bruce Weber and landed a spot for Hollister. The rest, as they say, is photographic history. (Oh, and when did CurrentTV start doing male model bio pieces? Hello!!)

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