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The Life & Times of an Unemployed Stormtrooper

Tyler Shields does some crazy video stuff. (Previously: Matt Dallas and Zachary Quinto.) This one is my favorite so far. Especially when the Stormtrooper does lines off of the hot boy butt.

Classically Styled Comic Art

Josh Siegel has done a series of comic art in which he re-imagines the art in a funky classic style. I like it. A lot. I’ve included a few of my faves below. There are a lot more on Josh’s blog and full prints are available at his Etsy store. If he were to create a Green Lantern piece, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat!


Again, thanks to the most dangerous of the Marcs for the link.

Download & Print: Free Retro “Up” Hi-Rez Posters

These are fun posters. In preparation for Up’s release on DVD, Pixar has made eight hi-rez posters available for download. Make sure to go here to see and download all eight posters.


Thanks to Dangermarc for the tip.

Dear Buffy…


Srsly, Mmmmmkkkaaaaay!

via here

Marriage Equality Music Video: “Finally”

This is a cool video featuring marriage equality front and center. The song is “Finally” performed by Adam Joseph.

Humpday Hotness – Antonio Anuk


Antonio Anuk is an Italian breakdance champion. He also models,and clearly likes to show off those modeling photos on his blog. You should all be very happy that he’ has such an exhibitionist streak. And, be even more thankful for that he’s so amazingly bend. Wow.

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The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody


Lady Gaga: Bad Romance Parody (feat. Lord Gaga)

Some of the lyrics are pretty clever

3D Exploration of Picasso’s Guernica

When one of my friends posted this on Google Reader I was mildly interested. Then another friend posted. Eyebrows raised. When the third friend posted it, I had to look. And, I’m glad I did. This is amazing.


Brokeback Tent Sex with an Elf: Gay Video Game Scene

Dragon Age: Origins has a secret gay sex scene. Watch it below (NSFW):

Dirty Minds

Saw this over at MHDaily (seriously, one of my favorite blogs these days). This cracked me up. Make sure to click through the link to see exactly what kind of trouble these two dudes are getting themselves into.

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Martha Stewart Does Not Like Sarah Palin

Dude, you do not want to cross Martha Stewart. She was in the clink, yo. She will cut a bitch. Srsly.

Lady GaGa’s AMA Performance

I like this video a lot, and the live performance is pretty rad too. Why is everyone talking about Adam Lambert’s onstage gay antics? Who cares?! We get Adam, you’re gay. You like to put other dude’s heads in your crotch. Yes, that’s what being gay means. Can you please just make good music now, and stop trying to prove how gay you are? Kthxbye.

Now enjoy Lady GaGa’s live performance of Bad Romance:

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Less is Mormon!

You tell it sistah!

via WGB

Gov’t Insurance to Cover Prayer but Not Abortion?!

Via Dan Savage:

The government isn’t going to cover abortion—or allow you to buy a plan that covers abortion—but it is going to pay for… prayer?

Leaders of the Church of Christ, Scientist, are pushing a proposal that would help patients pay someone like Lewis for prayer by having insurers reimburse the $20 to $40 cost.

The provision was stripped from the bill the House passed this month, and church leaders are trying to get it inserted into the Senate version. And the church has powerful allies there, including Sens. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), who represents the state where the church is based, and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), who said the provision would “ensure that health-care reform law does not discriminate against any religion.”

Faith healing. Deficit hawk Orrin Hatch and John Fucking Kerry (!) want health insurers to pay people to pray. Because not paying people to pray somehow amounts to religious discrimination? Jesus Christ, it’s time to start a new religion that has just two sacraments: abortion and homosexual sodomy. It might be the only way to protect choice and secure gay rights in this lunatic asylum we call a country.

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