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Best Song Lyrics Ever!

I am currently bopping my head while listening to Queen Agnes B’s Dividend Mix from years ago. The Freestylers’ “Push Up” has the absolute best song lyrics ever:

Where I come from we don’t play around
And when its time to party we know how to get down
And where we’re goin’ baby you don’t have to worry bout a thing
Take my hand
Move your body up and down

Push up
Your body, your body next to mine
Push up
I gotta make that sexy booty mine
Push up
And shake it, baby shake that ass
Push up
I love it when you feel like getting nasty

Hot New Homo on the Block: Matt Bomer


Boy Culture points out that Perez (ick) has outed actor Matt Bomer. I had no idea who Matt Bomer was or that his new show White Collar even existed before five minutes ago. If Bomer is in fact out and proud, that’s fucking awesome. We need more hot actors to come out of the closet and be proud of it.

The funniest part of the Boy Culture post is when Matthew explains how fangirls have taken to the nets to prove Matt isn’t a homo:

Fangirls have invaded Data Lounge to argue—convincingly—that Bomer CAN’T be gay because he’s too hot and because they personnnalllly know, like, 10 girls he’s fucked. Some have pointed out that his kissing pix were just done as a drunken dare/joke with a male friend a couple of years ago. My favorite reply to that line of reasoning is:


Oh man, this hit home for me. The snarky summary of fangirl’s who defend their closeted homosexual crushes is so ridiculous. And, it also accounts for about 80% of the comments here on Loganotron.

And if you want to see him shirtless from previous roles, click here, here, and here.

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken


At first I didn’t believe this was for real. Then I realized it was for real and I laughed my ass off. Via Shakesville:

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll Description:

• Head to Palm Beach with Barbie!
• Part of the elite Gold Label Collection, made with collectors in mind!
• Includes accessories and a certificate of authenticity.

Cool sophistication in breezy Palm Beach! Sporting a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket with a light pink polo shirt and crisp white pants, Ken doll is ready for Palm Beach social season, sunning by the pool and a stroll with his little companion. Fashion designed exclusively for the Silkstone Barbie doll body. Includes Ken doll, jacket, pink polo shirt, white shoes, dog with leash, swim trunks and accessories, doll stand and certificate of authenticity. For the adult collector. Order yours today!

Argentina Considers Gay Marriage

Via the AP:

Is Argentina ready to become Latin America’s first nation to legalize gay marriage?

Gay and lesbian activists think so — and they have a growing number of supporters in Congress, which opened debate Thursday on whether to change dozens of laws that define marriage as a union between a “man and woman.”

“We can’t expect social equality if the state is legitimizing inequality,” said Maria Rachid, president of Argentina’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Federation. “We now have the social and political context necessary to change the law.”

Argentina’s capital established its gay-friendly reputation in 2002 by becoming the first Latin American city to legalize same-sex civil unions. Four other Argentine cities later did the same, and such unions also now are recognized in Mexico City and some Mexican and Brazilian states. Uruguay alone has legalized civil unions nationwide.

Canada is the only nation in the Americas where gay marriage is now legal; in the Spanish-speaking world, only Spain has taken this additional step.

Review: Where the Wild Things Are


I’ll admit it: I never really loved Maurice Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are. It’s not that I didn’t like it, just that it never really spoke to me as a young kid. Maybe it was the fact that a tantrum-throwing brat gets sent to his room and runs away to his imagination land in protest. That just wasn’t who I was as a kid. I was a good kid who loved school and understood why my parents set rules for me. (Spare me the jests or name calling.) I also didn’t view imaginary worlds as an escape from a life I hated. Instead, my imagination took me to places where the impossible became possible and true magic existed. To think of it as an escape from life never quite fit. For me, imagination was an augmentation to life.

(Note: It’s funny that my sister, who was definitely the rebellious sibling, told me the other day that this was her favorite childhood book.)

Because I had no fond memories of the book, I didn’t approach the movie with a huge amount of enthusiasm. I was prepared for it to be visually stunning and emotionally touching. I was also somewhat hoping for the story to take on new relevance now that I’ve gone through my rebellious stage (five years of raving at Burning Man, as an example!).

After watching the movie I am still as apathetic as I had been before. In fact, I couldn’t stand the little turd nugget Max in the movie even more than in the book. He annoyed me and I found it very difficult to relate to him. And, the angsty monsters were so emotionally draining that I wished Spike Jonze had included a pharmacy in the imaginary world so the Wild Things could all dose up on Prozac.

I was also a little miffed that the movie changed the reason for Max’s return home to the real world. In the book he gets homesick which makes him realize that he does love and miss him mom. In the movie, Max fails at being King and realizes he had better go home because of he’s no more successful at being King of All the Wild Things than he was at being a normal boy in the real world.

The moral of the story was also so damn heavy-handed. As King, Max learns what it’s like to be a parent. He realizes that the parental figure often does things that the underlings (monsters, kids) don’t understand. And, that sometimes the decisions that are best for everyone are not well liked by some. Max gets a huge dose of reality (a sledge hammer of reality hitting us in the face) when KW tells him that the monsters lives (parents’ lives) are already difficult without Carol’s tantrums (Max’s tantrums) making things worse. Okay we get it: Carol represents Max’s tantrums and KW represents Max’s mom’s challenges, to an extent. However, the fact that KW runs away when the relationships in her life get difficult, also suggests that she reflects Max’s psyche and actions.

At this point, Max understands and is now inclined to go back to his own reality. But, here’s where I think the movie was unclear: Did Max return because he finally understood how tough things are for his mom? Or did he leave because he failed as King, made the monsters’ lives worse, and is somewhat afraid he’ll be eaten by them? I know the obvious answer, but the movie was a little vague on this point.

Some people I saw the movie with hated it. A lot. The rest of us were indifferent — we didn’t love it but we didn’t hate it. I suppose if you were enamored with the book, you’ll probably go ga-ga over the movie.

Oh, and WTF is up with those stupid birds Bob and Terry? OMFG. FAIL.

Afternoon Humpday Hotness – Michael Gstoettner


Michael has stunning eyes that pierce right through you. He’s 26, a former firefighter, and hails from Vienna. I’m a particular fan of the black and white leather-inspired photo shoot at the end of the album (after the jump). The bunny ears and Batman cowl are my faves!

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Humpday Hotness – Carlos Freire


Carlos is 24 and from Brazil. There’s not much more to say. Brazilian pretty much covers it.

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Sen. Graham: The Govt. Would Be too Good to Compete With

“I think most people believe that if the government goes into the insurance business that the private insurers will fold because nobody can compete with the government. Politicians will write these policies very generous. They’ll never raise premiums, and eventually people in the private sector will give way to the government plan. Which is their goal, by the way.” -Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on FOX.

Um, so the government can do something better than the private sector and therefore they shouldn’t do it? That is freaking hilarious. What Senator Graham is suggesting is that Americans should settle for less; settle for a mediocre health care system because that’s the best that the private sector can provide. And, if we as a people can create a more effective and efficient system, we shouldn’t do it because what we create would be too good. Wow. Graham’s line of reasoning is just absurd. But maybe he’s right: Americans should settle for corporate mediocrity because that’s free market capitalism at its best. Hm. Fascinating.

Rachel Maddow Summarizes Health Care Options

A very succinct explanation of the types of healthcare systems and just how conservative the public option is. Thanks Rachel!

James Franco Can’t Pronounce Gucci

James Franco routinely cracks me up. Make sure to watch all of his hilarious stuff on Funny Or Die.

James Franco: Gucci Commercial Outtakes from James Franco

Stephen Colbert Tackles Washington’s Referendum 71

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The Word – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
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Are You Getting Your Flu Shot this Year?

swinefluWGB asked this important health question today and also posted the image to the left. I have gotten a flu shot for various reasons every year for the last seven or eight years. This year, the media’s fanning the flames of paranoia have made me less inclined to rush right out and get a shot for fear of untimely demise. I’m getting pissed off by the absurdity of the fear-mongering. Have we forgotten our lesson? A society kept living in fear is more easily controlled. We need to stop being afraid and just be healthy and safe.

That being said, after I saw this hottie getting his flu shot, I am reconsidering. If this dude jumped off a cliff, I would too… with the hope that we would both survive the fall and then do naughty things when we landed.

Do You Suffer From ATHT?

My friend Estephania put this together and I love it! If you have AT&T you know what this is all about and feel the pain.


ATHT – a common affliction suffered by people across the United States. ATHT is primarily characterized by the co-existence of reception problems and hyperdropcall activity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone. Many aspects of daily life that most people take for granted are rendered more difficult by the symptoms of ATHT.

A Day at the Office with Backstreet Boys

This is the most awesome office and group of coworkers ever! I doubt my coworkers would ever do something like this, but I totally would. I miss days of the Backstreet Boys. Sigh.

via WGB

Fantasticmag: I’m Crashing at Your Place

Picture 1

Fantasticmag just keeps showcasing the hottest guys. This guy could crash at just about any guy’s place he wanted. Love his hazel eyes, big nose, and his flexibility. Hello!

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