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Single Ladies: A Funky Live Version

Benacker sent me this and it’s awesome.

Afternoon Humpday Hotness – Adam McEvilly


Adam has a unique look. Some might not find it hot, but I think there’s something pouty and sexy about him. I especially like the naked shots at the end of the gallery. Hawt.

And, don’t miss an interview with Adam here.

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Humpday Hotness – Levi Poulter


Levi Poulter is an out and proud gay model. Other models consistently say in interviews how much they enjoy working with Levi. His energy and charm comes through even in still photos. I totally support out male models. Fuck the closet. Closest are stupid!

If you sign up for a membership on his web site MiamiLevi, you get to see Levi in some gay bumbum action. He is so super hot. Wow.

For some naked peepee pics of Levi, check out Willy’s Boys. Also visit his ModelMayhem profile for some photos I haven’t posted here.

As always, lots of hot pics after the jump, including two very hot peen shots. Enjoy!
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Jonthan Bennett Might Be a “Friend of Kathy” (aka Gay)


You know who Jonathan Bennett is even if you don’t remember his name. He was “Aaron,” the love interest of Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. He was also Van Wilder in Van Wilder’s Freshmen Year. Christian and I watched it and thought it was cute, but was only tolerable because of Jonathan Mc-Dreamypants’ starring role.

Boy Culture has the supposed gay closeted scoop. Apparently in a recent article in The Advocate Kristin Calvallari refers to Jonathan as a “Friend of Kathy Griffin.” This is apparently new slang for “Friend of Dorothy,” both euphemisms for homosexual. Also, Manhunt Daily (great blog, btw) has linked Jonathan to uber-gay-closeted (in that “who are you kidding?” sort of way) Matt Dallas.

It’s hilarious and awesome that “Friend of Kathy” has replaced “Friend of Dorothy.” Love it! Also, I’d love for Jonathan to come out as a gay homosexual and parade around with his gorgeous boyfriend. It has done wonders for Doogie Howser’s career (um, hi… he went from virtual obscurity to hosting the Emmy’s. Yay for Gay!). I proclaim it: More actors should take the cue and just come on out! We promise to embrace you… with more than just our arms, hahahah!

Montreal Students Make an Awesome Music Video

This is fun times. Some college students in Montreal shot a music video in one take at their student union. I wish we had tech devices that enabled such creativity way back when I was in college… like 10 years ago. Wow, tech moves so fast.

Apple Store Love Song

This is so darned cute. Except for the part about putting his hard drive in her laptop. That was stupid. But the rest is cute.

via Towleroad

Sen. Baucus Rec’s $4Million from Health Insurance Lobbyists

Hrm, knowing this, I can’t imagine why he’d be opposed to the public option.

Oh, and Bing Perrine is hot.

PUMA Index Dude Gets Almost Naked, Gives Handjob


As of today, the PUMA dude is fully clothed because the stock market rebounded. Boooo! But, the market tanked last week and he got all kinds of naked, down to his skivvies. And, he molested a clay mold. Hawt!

Check out the clay handjob pics after the jump. And, watch the video on Facebook here.
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Meg Whitman Against Gay Marriage


Meg Whitman gave an interview that shows that she has good general goals, but her politics are dead wrong. She wants to create more jobs, control State spending, and fix our schools. Okay, good so far. But, the she says she is against gay marriage and doesn’t see how her stance is a slap in the face to gay and lesbian couples. Oh really?! You oppose gay marriage and want gays to still vote for you? HA! Watch her interview here.

Note: Tom Campbell, a Republican contender for governor in 2010, is pro gay marriage. If you’re a gay or lesbian Republican in California, I urge you to at least vote for the candidate that believes in your equal rights.


Scott Herman & Ryan Conklin Vlogging Together

I enjoy Scott Herman’s tweets and YouTube fitness videos. But this is probably my favorite video of his so far. He teams up with his old roommate from Real World, Ryan Conklin (who is so super cute), and they just film a silly vlog. Then they get freaked out by an ominously close rabies-ridden squirrel. Hilarious.

WSJ Simplifies the Various Health Care Reform Plans

I am not usually a fan of the more conservative Wall Street Journal. However, they have outdone themselves with this chart that explains the various health care reform plans being considered. Here’s just a glimpse of the chart:

WSJ healthcare chart

Favorite Random Modeling Photo of the Day


I thought this photo was wacky and weird. Not your average male modeling photo, which is why I love it. Apparently this is a self-portrait, which makes it even more fascinating.

Two more pics of the same cute model after the jump.
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Redux: Ethan Boroian from X Factor


I scrounged up some new hot photos of Ethan for y’all. He’s such a cutie and he seems very sweet on Twitter. Make sure to check out his MySpace page and follow him on Twitter.

Thanks to HMAS for posting the pics and links.

PUMA Index: Dude Gets Naked As Stock Market Slumps

PUMA has launched the PUMA Index where sexy models take clothes off if the market slumps, but put clothes on if the market gets better. I have never wanted the market to tank so badly in my life…


All the Single Babies

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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