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Maine Values

Look at that, a commercial to support same-sex marriage that actually shows gays and lesbians. What a novel idea! Hey California No-On-8 folks: DUUUH!

Donate to Maine Equality to help Maine residents protect their marriage equality.

Healthcare Flow Chart: Reform Made Simple


Paintings of Naked Obama with Unicorns

From the WTF Files:


More here.

Via Orange via AB.

Humpday Hotness x2: Kerry Degman and Chad White


Kerry Degman has been a Humpday Hotness feature before. And, I’ve posted about how hot Chad White looks in lace panties. Here, the two hotties have been photographed together in one of the hottest photo spreads, EVAR! Photographer Loe Lally and Fashion Editor Kithe Brewster have outdone themselves with this shoot titled Sex Is Not the Enemy. So amazingly hot. Wow.

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Healthcare Reform Without Public Option = FAIL

Here’s what healthcare reform without the public option would amount to:

Under the reforms, all Americans would be required to have or get health insurance. Most businesses (except for the very small ones) would be required to provide health insurance to their employees. Suddenly, the insurance companies have about 40 million new customers. Sure, they will now have restrictions on recision and other such horrible practices. BUT, they will still only be competing with each other, and will be able to charge just about whatever price they want for health insurance. 40 million new customers get added to the currently system where corporate greed prevails. With no government-run not-for-profit option, 40 million new customers will be handed to the corrupt insurance companies that now dominate our healthcare system. Big time FAIL.

Humpday Hotness – David Williams


David “Wolfman” Williams is an Australian pro rugby player. He comes by his nickname “Wolfman” for his infamous scraggly beard. He recently shaved it off at the behest of a teammate, and lo-and-behold, the world was exposed to the hotness underneath. This stud can bugger my rugger any day. (I have no idea if I used that term accurately, but it sounds funny as hell either way.)

In a few pics after the jump, David is suspiciously eying his mate Darius Boyd in the pool. Then there are a few pics of David and Brett Stewart showering in their speedos. Um, what is all that “helping hand” funny business going on in those pics?! And, of course there is the pic of David mouth-to-mouth kissing Anthony Watmough. David has repeatedly said he’s more than comfortable being a gay icon and having gay fans. Looks like he’s really comfortable, if ya know what I mean…

Don’t miss some of the other hot rugby players from the Gods of Football calendar here. And, as always, lots of hot pics of Wolfman after the jump.

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Rep. Barney Frank Responds to Nazi Accusations

Go Barney!

Dems Take the Gloves Off, Back the Public Option?

There’s talk of a procedural motion that would let the Democrats to go-it-alone on health care and require only 50 votes in the Senate to pass health care with a public option. The issue here is that the Dems don’t have 60 votes for cloture in the Senate on a plan with the public option. This “nuclear option” (a term I don’t like), would only require 50 votes in the Senate which is what the Dems have (discounting the Blue Dogs and most Republicans).

One of Anderson Cooper’s correspondents points it out clearly: If Obama passes health care without the public option, it will be disastrous for the party in 2012. The progressives will have lost their fervent support (maybe they already have) and the Independents will see an incumbent who wasn’t able to deliver on the promises he made. Watch the clip. It’s long, but good.

Transgender Dancer as Beyonce on MTV’s ABDC

This is HOT. I watched the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew a few years back and loved it. That year Jabberwocky won the contest and rocked my world. This year there’s a dance crew called Vogue Evolution with a transgendered woman on the team. Dude, she rocks. And, watch the clip below. I LOVE how Lil Mama and Shane have no qualms about praising her portrayal of Beyonce (even if Mario seems a little confused/weirded out). I love that American teens get this kind of exposure to transgender people.

Stand with Dr. Dean on Health Care

Sign Howard Dean’s petition here. Tell members of Congress that you want the choice of options, including a publicly run health care option.

Health Care Action Needed TODAY & Moyers Interview

This is from my friend and coworker Beth. We both recognize the urgency around health care TODAY.

Hi all. If you’re horrified at the way the healthcare debate has been hijacked by naysayers and mired in the flat-out lies of the insurance industry and anti-progress politicians, here are two simple things you can do today.

One is to help fire Senator Baucus by simply clicking here.

Another is to call Senator Feinstein’s office (415-393-0707 northern California; 310-914-7318 southern California ) and make it clear that you support a public health option.

I’m also including a link to a very instructive Bill Moyers interview with a former senior executive at Cigna. He openly admits to the insurance industry’s dishonest tactics and how they’ve operated in the past to obscure what’s truly at stake in the healthcare debate, working hand-in-glove with the the politicians they pay off and blackmail. He even predicts, on July 11, how the insurance companies would ramp up their fight as the time for a vote got closer. Please watch the video and pass on the link if you are so inspired.


This could be the very last chance for meaningful healthcare reform for decades. Please do everything you can.

Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Sex Tape – Eric Dane’s Peen

Fleshbot has a clip of the sex tape here. NSFW

I’m not posting pics or screencaps here because I’m sure there’s going to be legal fallout from this bullshize. But, if you want to see Rebecca Gayheart’s breasts or Eric Dane’s penis, then click through and enjoy.

Oh, and if you’re hoping for actual sex, don’t get your hopes up too high. There’s not much sex in this sex tape. It’s just three coked up space cadets wandering around a hotel room and trying to figure out how to use the spa tub.

Thanks to Chris Apollo for the breaking news.

New Moon Feature Trailer

I haven’t read these books, but I did see the movie. I was a bit underwhelmed. But, this new movie has caught my attention because of hottie muscle stud Tyler Lautner. Wow.

Bounce Flash Mob at Amusement Park

The one in Union Square was cute, but this one is amazing. More flash mob dancing, please. More spontaneous smiles on faces are required.

No More Orange: Shirtless Zac Efron Is Pearly White


Whoa. New pics of a shirtless Zac Efron reveal something we haven’t seen in years: Zac’s natural skin color. This is sort of shocking. What happened to all the bronzer? Lene and I surmised that he must’ve gone swimming in that body of water we see in the background. I wonder if they had to put out one of those oil-spill hazmat rope-buoy things to contain the orange toxic oil slick Zac left in his wake…

via EthanSays

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