Health Care Action Needed TODAY & Moyers Interview

This is from my friend and coworker Beth. We both recognize the urgency around health care TODAY.

Hi all. If you’re horrified at the way the healthcare debate has been hijacked by naysayers and mired in the flat-out lies of the insurance industry and anti-progress politicians, here are two simple things you can do today.

One is to help fire Senator Baucus by simply clicking here.

Another is to call Senator Feinstein’s office (415-393-0707 northern California; 310-914-7318 southern California ) and make it clear that you support a public health option.

I’m also including a link to a very instructive Bill Moyers interview with a former senior executive at Cigna. He openly admits to the insurance industry’s dishonest tactics and how they’ve operated in the past to obscure what’s truly at stake in the healthcare debate, working hand-in-glove with the the politicians they pay off and blackmail. He even predicts, on July 11, how the insurance companies would ramp up their fight as the time for a vote got closer. Please watch the video and pass on the link if you are so inspired.


This could be the very last chance for meaningful healthcare reform for decades. Please do everything you can.

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