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Puke In My Mouth: Ladies’ Response to Jizz In My Pants

Ms. Taken commented on my blog and suggested I watch her response to Jizz In My Pants. I watched it and LOVED it. Hilarious:

Golden Girls on Gay Marriage

Ahead of their time, these gals were…

Chace Crawford Looks Like a Porcelain Doll

Apparently Chace got tired of looking like Pete Wentz. Either that or his stylist got all eco-friendly and decided to save energy by eliminating straightening irons from her repertoire. Whatever the case, Chace got himself a new hairdo.

Ethan at EthanSays loves the new ‘do.’ And, while I generally vibe with what Ethan dishes, today I’m going to have to disagree. I think Chace’s new haircut looks awful. The feathered bangs and the gobs of makeup give him a certain mannequin-like look. Thumbs down. FAIL.

Quick, Chace: Iron out your hair and rat it back to the old emo/hipster look. You’ll be glad you did…


Ashton Kutcher Has a Fine Booty

Demi is a lucky woman to have such a fine booty to play with at night. Dayum!


Several pics that reveal much much more after the jump.
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Pixar vs. Dreamworks

This is frakking hilarious:

Pixar vs Dreamworks

iPhone Video Projector

Despite this product being a-maz-ing, the review at Bitter Wallet cracked me up:

iPhone article every other day blah blah blah fanboys blah Apple blah best smartphone ever blah blah blah. MiLi Pro projector blah blah available this September blah:


Blah blah projects up to a 40 inch screen blah blah, blah blah VGA input cable and an RCA input cable blah blah connect to a laptop PC or DVD player. Blah blah aren’t iPhones brilliant and piss in my arse if you think otherwise blah blah blah.

Are Chace Crawford & Justin Timberlake Gay Boyfriends?

Okay, so this is just an appearance at some party. But they do make a dashing couple, don’t they!? They even wore reversed-out outfits. How well coordinated and adorable…


Naked Nike Dude

Um, hot!

To Boldly Toke…

Hilarious. Via io9:


Most Awesome iPhone Customization Evar!

iPhone app custom

The Blue and Green

I saw this on my friend Amos’ Twitter feed. You can find more explanation over at Discover’s blog.


From Discover:
You see embedded spirals, right, of green, pinkish-orange, and blue? Incredibly, the green and the blue spirals are the same color. At first I thought Richard was pulling our collective legs, being a trickster of high magnitude. So I loaded the image in Photoshop and examined the two spirals. In the two squares displayed below, the one on the left is colored using the same color from the blue spiral, and on the right using the green spiral.


The reason they look different colors is because our brain judges the color of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors. In this case, the stripes are not continuous as they appear at first glance. The orange stripes don’t go through the “blue” spiral, and the magenta ones don’t go through the “green” one. Here’s a zoom to make this more clear:


Celebrities Upside Down

This is some freaky-ass $h!t. WTF? Here are a few that stood out for me. There are hundreds more over at Freaking News.



Burger King Ads Get Weird with Muscle Guys in Bed

Who Are We “Protecting” Marriage From?

Dangermarc sent me this photo today and had this to say:

Marriage is about love and respect. All this “protection” language does is belittle the real love that exists between the gay men and women all over the world. It’s only a matter of time before we, as a country, realize that love knows no bounds. Try to contain it, hold it, keep it “safe,” and you will have none.


Model Benjamin Godfre Is a Sweetheart


I’ve posted about Benjamin Godfre and his hotness before (here, here, here, and here). I always just ogled him and thought of him as that hot guy who was probably totally full of himself. You know, the hot, cocky dickhead. But, one should never judge a book by its cover.

Gay Body Blog caught this cute little exchange between Benjamin and two of his fans on YouTube. SOOO CUTE!! Benjamin is a total sweetheart. Awwww…

I think Mr. Cutie Patootie Benjamin Godfre is going to be getting his very own Humpday Hotness post very soon!

Update: And don’t miss Benjamin’s new blog.

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