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Literal Version: Total Eclipse of the Heart

LOL. Love it! Thanks Lene!

Zachary Quinto Bukkake

WTF is this about? Not sure, but don’t care much either. HOT!

Thanks to Meena for the heads up on this!

Auto-Tune the News #4

In Bb: A YouTube DIY Mashup

This is soooo awesome. All of these YouTube videos are in the key of Bb (B flat). Press play on as many videos as you want. Start and stop them at will. The results are effing cool. (Note: I wouldn’t play all of them at once if I were you because it gets kind of muddled.)



A new ad from the Courage Campaign:

Fanfic: Green Lantern Movie Trailerm with Nathan Fillion

The CA Supreme Court Justices Did Their Job

I am devastated by today’s California Supreme Court ruling in which the justices upheld Proposition 8. Being newly engaged, I had hoped to be able to get married in my home state. That may not happen anytime soon.

Despite being sickened by Proposition 8 and the discrimination it has enshrined into California’s state constitution, I think the court acted dutifully and interpreted the constitution appropriately. The state constitution, unfortunately, allows for a simple majority to amend said constitution in order to restrict and/or deny the rights of a minority.

Do I think that this is wrong and abhorrent? Yes. Do I wish that it were harder to enshrine hatred and discrimination into the Golden State’s legal foundation? Yes.

However, as it stands, California does not have the strict protections in place against this sort of legalized discrimination that other states and our federal Constitution have. Namely, other states require legislative approval of issues of this nature before they can be put to the voters. The federal Constitution required 2/3 and 3/4 of Congress and state legislatures to pass an amendment. That’s probably why the federal Constitution has only been amended 27 times, while the California constitution has been amended over 500 times.

I recently posted an article via the Economist regarding California’s constitutional crisis. The article mostly deals with budgetary issues and the special election on May 19th as symptoms of a state in crisis. I think Prop 8 can be added to that list of symptoms. And not just because I’m a lefty liberal. If we get a prop on the ballot in 2010 and it re-grants gays the right of marry, I’ll still feel that California is stuck with a terrible problem. We should not be able to so easily bring forth such serious matters to the general populous for a simple majority popular vote. Sometimes there are issues that are just too sensitive and complex to be so easily dealt with at the ballot box.

I like the idea of direct democracy, but everywhere I turn California citizens are fed up. With regards to budget propositions and other issues I constantly hear friends and family say things like: “Why are we voting on this? Why isn’t Sacramento figuring this out? Isn’t this what we pay them to do?” And yet, at this moment this is the democratic process we have in this state.

I for one would love to see a blend of direct democracy and representative democracy that puts a little more weight on the representative side of things, while ensuring transparency and keeping the people’s right to keep a check on legislative corruption. I wonder what that would look like. Thoughts?

Update: I liked what Adam B at DailyKos had to say:

Look: I’m not a scholar of California law, but this (mostly) makes sense to me as a matter of structural analysis: the California Constitution allocates We, The California People large powers of self-governance, and (as opposed to the federal constitution) they have a large and powerful role to play in an ongoing conversation with the courts, the legislature and the Governor in the shape of constitutional governance. Given this structure, the majority goes, it’s not for courts to say what The People shouldn’t do with that power; the problem is the scope of the power itself.

The whole point of having rights safeguarded by a Constitution interpreted by an independent judiciary is that some things are so fundamental that they ought not be left to the caprice of a fleeting majority vote — if the People wants to amend the Constitution (at least, insofar as most of us understand what a “constitution” is supposed to do), it ought to be a more serious and onerous process than a one-day 50%-plus-one vote. One wonders what makes it a constitution if it is so easily amendable. Would the Miranda decision have survived a citizen initiative vote in its wake? Brown v. Board of Education?

No, I don’t like the outcome of this decision one bit. But this conversation — between the legislature, the courts, the executive branch and the People — is far from over, as the California Supreme Court acknowledges. Indeed, the fight to repeal Prop 8 has already begun …

Libertarian Paradise

Via Hackenblog

Aussie Bum Hot Summer Booty

Watch it to at least the 35second mark. And don’t blink or you might miss the hotness!

Hitler Responds to new Star Trek movie

OMG. This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week. I laughed out loud, giggled, got the hiccups from laughing so hard, and even snorted while laughing once or twice. LOVE IT!

Thanks to Lene for the share.

Gay Marriage Updates – CA, IL, NH, and D.C.

The California Supreme Court will issue their ruling next Tuesday, May 26th at 10am. There’s a rally scheduled for 5pm that night in San Francisco. The rally will either be a celebration or a protest. Many other rallies scheduled across the State and Nation.

Illinois is set to pass a bill authorizing civil unions. It’s not marriage, but it’s progress!

28 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill aimed at preventing the Washington D.C. council from recognizing in their district same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. What fuck-tards. Whatever happened to state’s rights and all that conservative bullshit? Shouldn’t the Republicans be letting the states (and in this case, the District of Columbia) decide for themselves what their stance is on gay marriage? Hypocrites.

In New Hampshire the House defeated a bill that would have authorized gay marriage. Here’s the twist, though. Governor Lynch said he wouldn’t sign the bill unless more protections were added for religious groups and employees who don’t approve of gay marriage. It was that bill that was defeated by the House. So, was their vote a rebuke of the Governor’s religious pandering? Hard to tell. Meetings between the state Senate and House will take place and the bill will come up for vote again in a couple of weeks. All is not lost…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm

This is long (16+ minutes) but totally worth it, if nothing else, than for the video of the lab coat technician stimulating orgasm in the female pig. LOL!

Why Terminators Transport Naked

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

I’m Really Digging Jesse Ventura

Is Jesse Ventura angling for a position in this administration? If not, maybe we should be offering him one. He’s quickly becoming my new favorite.

Glenn Beck Skewered by Barbara and Whoopi

Oh damn grrrrl! You just got caught in a big ol’ fat lie. Double snap!

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