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Superman Origin Comics

This is effing hilarious. I was LOLing while reading this. Here are the first 8 images. Be sure to click over to JayPinkerton.com to finish the whole story… It’s worth it!!


When Pigs Fly

It was once said that a black man would be president “when pigs fly”. Indeed 100 days into Obama’s presidency: Airborne Piggies (aka Swine flu). (via @djg2theworld and @BrentDPayne on Twitter)

Gotta Get Wed: A Gay Marriage Music Video


via Towleroad

Budget Cuts: Statue of Liberty’s True Purpose

FAIL: Fair and Balanced – 100 Days of FOX Attacks

Pandemic of Panic

Christopher Booker at the UK’s Daily Mail has a great piece on the Pandemic of Panic. His opinion and mine aligned almost perfectly:

Again and again we have seen this pattern repeating itself, from Sars and dioxins to the confusion between different types of asbestos, costing literally hundreds of billions of dollars in law suits alone.

The one lesson which comes out from them all, loud and clear, is that our modern world has become far too prone to getting these supposed threats out of all proportion.

Of course we should expect our governments to be watchful and prepared to meet any genuine threat to our health and well-being. But as history painfully shows, we have become far too quick to overreact to dangers which too often turn out either to have been wildly exaggerated or never to have existed at all.

Too many people seem to have a vested interest in talking up these panics beyond what the evidence can support, from scientists dependent on promoting scares for their funding to politicians who recklessly use scares to show their concern for our welfare. We in the media, it is only fair to add, are far from blameless in this respect.

What this latest panic should be telling us, in short, is that we should learn to be much more careful not to talk up scares beyond what the evidence is there to support. Stick to the facts, keep everything in proportion and don’t give way to speculations which, a year or two later, may make us look very silly indeed.

Has anyone seen V for Vendetta? Notice any similarities!?

FAIL: CNN’s On Obama’s “Swagga”

More over at the Huffington Post.

Twilight: I Can Haz Cheezeburger?


Humpday Hotness – Alessandro Calza


Alessandro Calza is… well… just, wow. He’s got that smoldering Italian look working for him. And, he’s an writer/actor. He wrote and starred in the gay flick Ciao. I have not seen it, and it’s not likely that I will. Most gay flicks are awful. Not that this one is terrible, but I’m not willing to take the chance. 95% of gay flicks should be donkey punched.

More amazing pics of this Italian stallion after the jump. And, it’ll please all you humpday fans to know that I’ve updated the script for the gallery images. Now when you click the thumbnails, you’ll go directly to the larger image. Thanks for the feedback!

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‘Day and Night’ Music Video by Kid Cudi

I’ve heard this song on freakin repeat almost everywhere I go. I like it… it’s definitely catchy. But I’d never seen the video until TitaniumDreads posted it today. Dude, this is awesome:

Worm Cat

Love it! Description via dlisted:

First there was Maru, the pussy boxer, and now here’s WORM CAT! Worm Cat isn’t nearly as much of a showboater as Maru, but she still has skills. The owners say that Worm Cat shimmies into the sleeves of their clothes all on her own! She sort of looks like an uncut peen with a pussy face.

‘Still Have My Heart’ Music Video by Caitlin Crosby

Both the “making of” video and the finished product are super cute.

Caitlin CrosbyNew MusicMore Music Videos

Lattes with Logan: DIY Lattes for the Latte Liberal

Ever since I got put on half-time for half-pay because of the Recession, I’ve been saving money wherever possible. One way I save a ton of money is by making my own lattes in the morning. I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a latte machine either. Instead, I use some very simple tools and ingredients to make a yummy latte for less than $1 per day. Check it out:

Bonjour Primo latte frother | Stove top espresso maker

(Please excuse the poor title slides and credit slides. I’m still learning how to use iMovie!)

Chris Pine: Naked and Gay


Apollo sent me these awesome screen caps from Surrender Dorothy in which Chris Pine goes shirtless and plays a homosexual. Haawwt.

Justin Timberlake’s Bulge

I was browsing around the inter-tubes this weekend and stumbled upon these hilarious Photoshopped pics of Justin Timberlake’s bulge. You may remember that I posted the original screencap back when The Love Guru hit the theaters. Gotta love people’s creativity!

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