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Forest Gump in One Minute


Jungle and DnB on the Drums

This is pretty badass:

Please Say Something: A Love Cat/Mouse Love Affair

This is wonderful. Thanks to benchun for sharing this!

Please Say Something – Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

My Friend Shane’s Blog “Recessed” Gets Queerty’d

Very cool that Shane’s blog Recessed (about being laid off because of the recession) got covered on Queerty. Check out his blog and his Queerty interview!

And doesn’t Shane just look adorable in this picture?!

Robert Pattinson Engages in Gay Foreplay

From his upcoming movie Little Ashes:

Deleted “Twilight” Sex Scene

Watch Deleted “Twilight” Sex Scene on CollegeHumor

Boxxy Is Um… Uh…

My friend Reg sent me this video link and said this because of this, he is now gay. And, he dared me to watch it to the end. First: Reg, you’re not gay because of this video. You’re gay because you like the warm feel of man flesh in your mouth! Second, I did watch it to the end and I even watched another one too.

At first I thought Boxxy was either on way too much Ritalin unnecessarily. OR, that she had a severe case of ADD and/or other impairments and needed a strong dose of Ritalin. Then, Boxxy put me in my place with the second video I watched. I guess that’s what happens when I assume: It makes an ass out of Boxxy:

Church Mice



Happiest Mushroom Cloud, Ever


More over at Flickr.

Artsy Male Model Photos – Victor Chambon


I saw these amazing photos of model Victor Chambon over at Beauty and the Bum, and I was wowed. Hooray for male model photography that get all kinds of crazy creative. More like this, please!

Rene Russo Has a (Gay) Foot Fetish


There’s something undeniably sexy about Rene Russo smashing her high-heeled foot all over a pretty gay boy’s face. Am I right?!

5 Book Reviews in 10 Minutes

I decided to have some fun and video record myself doing book reviews instead of typing them out. Forgive the choppiness of the video… I had to edit out a whole minute to get under the 10 minute YouTube maximum, and I haven’t quite yet mastered editing video files.

In 10 quick minutes I review the following five books:

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger
Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips
Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card

Twouble with Twitters in the Twitterverse

OMG. This is A-MAZE-ING.

It’s Raining Gay: Zachary Quinto Models Raincoats for GQ


Zachary Quinto is hot. AND, we already know that he sure knows how to act gay pretty convincingly. Does that mean he’s a homo? In my dreams it does!

zachary_quinto_gay_raincoats_2 zachary_quinto_gay_raincoats_3 zachary_quinto_gay_raincoats_4

Lance Bass and His Six-Pack Abs!


Dude, when did Lance Bass go and get a six-pack? He’s almost hot now… And, he’s now hanging with some studilicious dudes.

Also, when did limp-wristed Lance get all bro-y??

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