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Star Trek’s Transphasic Torpedoes

You may know about transphasic torpedoes if you watched the series finale of Voyager. Christian and I have wondered how they work. Christian discovered the answer. From Christian:

“Btw, I read how transphasic torpedos work:”

They require a highly sophisticated plot device that is made out of rarefied balonieum-lanthanum sulfide crystals that channel the reaction through the unobtanium-chloride reaction chamber. The power-source is the collected rage of all the canon-wankers across the internet amplified by a pseudo-galvanometric thermometric-particle generation matrix. The reaction must be started by generating a radiation-field with cyanoacrylate below absolute zero.

New Wolverine Movie Pics

So so so hot.


via Just Jared

The Top 10 Worst Types of Fanboys

From Spike.com:

Fanboys – people that are fanatical about a particular type of technology – should be loaded into a special space ship that flies directly from Earth to the burning, white-hot center of the Sun. Do these people even stop to think that the companies they so blindly defend could really care less? How can someone have blind devotion to a circuit board and transistors? Fanatacism isn’t always a negative thing, but guess what? Right now, in this list, it’s a really *&%ing horrible thing.

10. Fangirl

Source: Chris Stein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Fangirl is at 10 because they are rare, those that exist are not nearly as annoying as their male counterparts, and their main obsession is to dress up like sexy versions of whatever they’re obsessed with. Nothing wrong with that. The only reason they made the list at all is because they’re constantly trying to prove that they know as much or are as good as the guys. It can be annoying, but every male nerd spends half his life looking for one to love.

Forum Battle Cry: I hate fanboys!

9. Comic Book Fanboy

These kids have come out of the woodwork since, in the last decade or so, every comic book ever is getting a movie. I bet you can’t count on your adamantium claws the number of times you’ve heard, “Oh, I read that book for at least 10 years before the movie ever came out,” followed by some snide remark about the original artwork or plotline being butchered.

Form Battle Cry: Worst ____ Ever.

Keep reading for Numbers 8 through 1.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly… We Won’t

Don’t Judge Too Quickly… We Won’t.The funniest movie is here. Find it

Jamie Bamber (Apollo on BSG) Gets Naked for PETA

Hot. And, don’t miss him and his sexy British accent talking about why he got naked for PETA.


Nacelles Monthly

Christian always sends me the best Star Trek links. Yesterday he showed me this and LOLd. Today he sent me the link so I could blog it and share the humor with y’all.

From Trek Movie:
Recently we noted how when the LA times asked JJ Abrams how he is dealing with getting earfuls from hardcore fans, the director started off responding thusly:

“The key is to appreciate that there are purists and fans of “Star Trek” who are going to be very vocal if they see things that aren’t what what they want. But I can’t make this movie for readers of Nacelles Monthly.”

TrekMovie had never heard of this magazine and as you can imagine it is something we should know about, so after scouring the world, we finally found one of the latest issues, here is the cover…

Nacelles Monthly

OK, we actually we made it up…sorry. I came up with the idea and asked resident artist Thorsten Wulff to put it together, who reached out to his countryman Tobias Richter for images of the Enterprise and Kelvin. I think Richter and Wullf did an amazing job (note the frayed corners and ‘edition’ details around the barcode). We actually shared this image with JJ Abrams, who thought it was “hysterical” and even noted “I’d buy that on the newsstand!”

Top 10 Google Earth’s Finds

Check TIME’s feature on the Top 10 Google Earth Finds. I had fun reading through them. I won’t spoil any of them for you, except to say that I blogged about one of them not so long ago.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars

I love NASA’s astronomy pictures of the day:


Explanation: When the Moon rose in predawn skies on February 23rd, it sported a sunlit crescent. It also offered early morning risers a tantalizing view of earthshine, the dark portion of the lunar disk illuminated by sunlight reflected from the Earth. Of course, on that morning a remarkable conjunction with three wandering planets added an impressive touch to the celestial scene. Recorded just before sunrise, this serene skyview looks east toward a glowing horizon across Tuggerah Lake on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Along with the waning crescent Moon, the picture captures (top to bottom) bright Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars.

Weatherman’s Magic Green Tie

This is pretty fun! I love when he says, “We just made YouTube!”

The Teenager Audio Test

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

This makes sense. I had a hearing test at Kaiser and was told by the doctor that I could hear sounds that people stop hearing around five years of age. He was surprised when I told him that I’d spent years dancing to loud electronic music at raves!

WTF?! Warner Bros to Remake Neverending Story

Update: Join the Facebook Group

I couldn’t agree more with dlisted. Warner Brothers should not remake the best children’s movie ever made. Don’t do it!!! The Neverending Story was so beautiful and instrumental in my childhood development. The raw imagination and rich themes all weaved into one story… And, brave Atreyu battling against The Nothing, the embodiment of apathy and despair. Holy crap, how much better can a movie get?

From dlisted:

I’m in L.A. now, so just give me the signal and I’ll run through Warner Bros. studio screaming like a mad bitch asking them to stop the fucking madness! Stop it before more people’s childhood memories are destroyed!!!! They are planning to remake the fucking NeverEnding Story! Does Falkor have a face that looks like it wants to be remade. It is perfect in every way already.

My 5-year-old self wants to come back and slap a whore or fifty. This has fucking ruined my day.

So, yeah, The Hollywood Reporter (via Coming Soon) says WB is in early stages to remake the 1980s classic that changed lives! Okay, it felt like that back then. WB plans to give it a modern twist. Let’s all call up Warner Bros. and ask them how it feels to kill something beautiful. Because that’s what they are doing! This is shit. You know they are going to get the Trannycat Dolls to cover the theme song. Lucifer, no. I just gave them an idea. WHY?! That is seriously one of my favorite songs of all-time and forever. If you ever need to feel gay, play that shit.

Bird Talk

So cute.

Pew Pew Pew

Ok, I know this is probably photoshopped, but it’s hilarious anyway.


Coolest Business Card Ever!

You may recall me geeking out over LEGOLAND’s recreation of San Francisco. Well, I’m geeking out on LEGO yet again. Check out their business cards.


From Positive Sharing:

When LEGO employees get a business card like this, they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person.

Garbage Fail Kids

This is so tacky, but I couldn’t help but smirk while suppressing a laugh.


via Liquid Generation

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