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Humpday Hotness – Rafael Verga

I’ve had a bunch of these photos bookmarked for ages and just rediscovered them. How perfect is Rafael for today’s hotness post? This ought to help you get through the week and ring in the new year with a little scrumptious delight!

Don’t miss a shot of Rafael naked.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

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The Anatomy of GWB

Apple: Front for Shadowy Evil Corp Destructotech Ltd.

Click the image to enlarge and make it legible:

Letterman’s Top 10 Geroge Bush Moments

Do They Really Need to Be Reminded?!

Slot Machines vs. Voting Machines

I never thought about how sketchy voting machines were in quite this way before! Fantastic…

Bacon Dispenser

This one goes out to my friends Sammy P and Estephania and the other bacon lovers out there!

Calvin & Hobbes on the Economy

Mac vs. PC – Transformers Edition

Holy crap this is so awesome!

And here’s a quick take on why the iPhone nano is a stupid idea.

Two Great Articles in the NYTimes

Both of these great finds are from my buddy Shane’s Facebook newsfeed. Thanks Shane!

You will probably need a NYT username and password to read both. Should be free to register.

No Furnaces but Heat Aplenty in ‘Passive Houses’
An awesome new type of architecture that nearly eleminates the need for heating in homes and other buildings.

Stop Being Stupid
Op-Ed by columnist Bob Herbert on the status of the US and what we should do going forward.

Logan on Vacation

I’m spending two weeks travelling for the holidays. Posting will be intermitent at best. I am definitely hoping to post a hotness post next Wednesday. Maybe I’ll even post a few pics of my trravels if I get time. Of course, all will depend on high sped Internet access which I have not had for the last week.

Hope you all are having great holidays!


Cool New Blog Find: Daily Routines

My awesome web-surfin’ boyfriend Christian found this cool site. Daily Routines posts the, well, daily routines of famous figures. People can submit a routine, with an identifiable and verifiable source. It’s a great blog. Here are two posts to give you a taste of what you’re in store for:

Charles Darwin
[The following is from Francis Darwin’s reminiscences of his father. It summarizes a typical day in Darwin’s middle and later years, when he had developed a rigid routine that seldom changed, even when there were visitors in the house.]

7 a.m. Rose and took a short walk.
7:45 a.m. Breakfast alone
8–9:30 a.m. Worked in his study; he considered this his best working time.
9:30–10:30 a.m. Went to drawing-room and read his letters, followed by reading aloud of family letters.
10:30 a.m.–
12 or 12:15 p.m.
Returned to study, which period he considered the end of his working day.
12 noon Walk, starting with visit to greenhouse, then round the sandwalk, the number of times depending on his health, usually alone or with a dog.
12:45 p.m. Lunch with whole family, which was his main meal of the day. After lunch read The Times and answered his letters.
3 p.m. Rested in his bedroom on the sofa and smoked a cigarette, listened to a novel or other light literature read by ED [Emma Darwin, his wife].
4 p.m. Walked, usually round sandwalk, sometimes farther afield and sometimes in company.
4:30–5:30 p.m. Worked in study, clearing up matters of the day.
6 p.m. Rested again in bedroom with ED reading aloud.
7.30 p.m. Light high tea while the family dined. In late years never stayed in the dining room with the men, but retired to the drawing-room with the ladies. If no guests were present, he played two games of backgammon with ED, usually followed by reading to himself, then ED played the piano, followed by reading aloud.
10 p.m. Left the drawing-room and usually in bed by 10:30, but slept badly.

Even when guests were present, half an hour of conversation at a time was all that he could stand, because it exhausted him.

Joseph Campbell
So during the years of the Depression I had arranged a schedule for myself. When you don’t have a job or anyone to tell you what to do, you’ve got to fix one for yourself. I divided the day into four four-hour periods, of which I would be reading in three of the four-hour periods, and free one of them.

By getting up at eight o’clock in the morning, by nine I could sit down to read. That meant I used the first hour to prepare my own breakfast and take care of the house and put things together in whatever shack I happened to be living in at the time. Then three hours of that first four-hour period went to reading.

Then came an hour break for lunch and another three-hour unit. And then comes the optional next section. It should normally be three hours of reading and then an hour out for dinner and then three hours free and an hour getting to bed so I’m in bed by twelve.

On the other hand, if I were invited out for cocktails or something like that, then I would put the work hour in the evening and the play hour in the afternoon.

It worked very well. I would get nine hours of sheer reading done a day. And this went on for five years straight.

Let Your Lover Know How You Feel

Call me a sappy, mushy, love-sick fool if you must. I prefer to think of myself as a romantic who believes that true love does exist. And that when you’re in love, you should never fail to express that love to your partner. No need to get all fancy about the communication style. Even the simplest actions can have a huge impact. I am so lucky that my loverrrrrr Christian lets me know how he feels through regular, simple, and adorable acts.

Here are a few little things you can do to let your lover know that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with them:

  • Whisper to each other in public
  • Hold hands in private and in public
  • Give back rubs and massages
  • Give unexpected hugs
  • Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her that you love her, and kiss her lightly
  • Put love notes in their pockets when they aren’t looking
  • Sing to each other
  • Hold his hand, stare into his eyes, kiss his hand and then put it over your heart
  • Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say I love you
  • Send unexpected text messages that say “I love you” or “I (heart) you”
  • Describe the joy you feel just to be with him/her
  • Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages
  • Look deep into each other’s eyes. Especially while waking up in bed together

Water Figures: Art that Rocked My World

This is unbelievably awesome. This guy uses lasers, speakers, and water to create some of the coolest art I’ve ever seen. Check out the whole Flickr set here. My mind has been blown into the next galaxy. I’m not sure if it’ll ever return…

Awesome Storm Cloud Photos

When I was a kid, I used to take rolls and rolls of film of storm clouds. I just loved the magnificence of big billowy clouds with sunlight breaking through them. When we would get the prints back, my dad would always say, “You took the same photo three times!” I’d argue that each one was slightly different, because in my mind they were unique.

Today I was taken back to those good memories of my cloud photographing days when I saw the amazing photo above. Make sure to check out the entire Flickr set of beautiful storm cloud photos.

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