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My Life in a Nutshell

This is me, in a nutshell:

Hillary Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Offer

Hooray! I am so happy about this. I love me some Hillary Clinton, and I think she’s a fantastic choice for our international diplomatic face.

via FoxNews and NYTimes.

And Wikipedia… Ha!!!

Thanks to Estephania for the timely heads up. (Picture from the NYTimes)

Amazing Shot of the GG Bridge

I love the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s majestic, sure. But I’m more amazed at the sheer engineering brilliance of this structure. The architecture represented in this image, shared by my friend Lady Leblanc, just wows me.

WSJ: The Obama Healthcare Plan Emerges

The WSJ has a great article on the emergence of the Obama healthcare plan:

“Universal” government-run health care proved too ambitious even for FDR, who stripped it out of the Social Security Act of 1935. Lyndon Johnson settled for Medicare and Medicaid. Now liberals think the political moment has finally arrived to achieve what has eluded every other Democratic President from Harry Truman to Bill Clinton.

One signal is yesterday’s news that Barack Obama has selected Tom Daschle, the very liberal former Senate warhorse, to head the Health and Human Services Department. But an even clearer sign was last week’s release by Montana Senator Max Baucus of a policy blueprint that closely resembles the one Mr. Obama campaigned on for 17 months. The plan is significant not only because its author is Chairman of the powerful Finance Committee, which oversees taxes and about half of all government spending. Mr. Baucus is also one of the more moderate, and cautious, senior Democrats.

50 Worst Cars of All Time

Time Magazine has a great review of the 50 worst cars of all time. I cracked up while reading several of the descriptions. Love the snarkiness!

Thanks go to Snarkmaster General Christian for sending this my way.

Why the Minnesota Recount Is So Complicated

I had no idea why it was so complicated to recount ballots… why so many lawyers needed to get involved. Well, here’s the answer: People in Minnesota don’t know how to mark a ballot properly. (Make sure you read down far enough to see the Lizard People.)

Sarah Palin and the Beheaded Turkey

Notice the backdrop. Notice the reticence of the dude holding the Turkey. He must be thinking, “Should I really be doing this with Governor Sarah Palin on camera over there…?!”

Base Jumping Off the Burj Dubai

Whoa. This is so cool:

Thanks to StripedHero for this one!

Star Trek Prequel Trailer Parodies

Christian sent me these hi-larry parodies. The first one is Kirk’s response to the new trailer. The second one is a mash-up of the Star Trek trailer soundtrack and a Star Wars trailer.

For more parodies, check this out.

No MILK for Cinemark!

More over at NoMilkForCinemark.com:

Hot Gay Comic Art

Lene forwarded me this link from Scans Daily. Here are a few of my favorite drawings from that post. I love the Green Lantern/Flash pic. And how hot are the Nightwing/Robin pics?! Wow.

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Let Me Google That For You

OMG. This is sooo awesome.

Do you have someone who constantly asks you the most mundane question that could easily have been answered if they’d spent 10 seconds on Google? Well then, this site is for you: LetMeGoogleThatForYou.com

You type in the question that you were just asked and click the button. The site outputs a hyperlink for you to send to your incompetent inquisitor. The hyperlink displays a little flash script moving the mouse across the page, clicks on the search bar, automatically types in the question, clicks Search, and then brings up the Google search results.

Snarky. But I love it!

The Beginning of the End of the 50-State Strategy

This post over at The Democratic Strategist made me a little sad. I recently praised Dean and his 50-State strategy. So, news of the DNC pulling out field operatives isn’t great. The only upside is that it’s possible that the DNC will pull its own operations out of certain states and substitute Obama’s existing field operations in those states.

Ed Kilgore says:

I realize this issue is dwarfed in significance by the separate question of what happens to the large and well-trained Obama field organization. If that organization is ultimately folded into the DNC/state party apparatus, then the problem of state party infrastructure may be solved for the immediate future. But if it’s not, we may be back to square one.

In any event, it’s disappointing to see that Howard Dean’s signature initiative at the DNC may not outlast his personal tenure as chairman.

I couldn’t agree with Ed more.

O’Reilly Hates San Francisco

What a load of BS this is. Be afraid. Be very very afraid. San Francisco is the evil underbelly of the nation and it’s all because of liberal politics. Damn I hate O’Reilly sometimes. Dude, leave my city alone!

Awesome Music Video

My friend Lady Leblanc posted the most awesome music video today. As she predicted, watching it made me want to get up and dance!

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