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I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving. This is a pre-written entry, because I won’t have high-speed internet access at my parents’ house. Today, I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. My sister and I decided to relieve my mom of the task and let her relax and enjoy the holiday. I will also be stressing out as this is the first holiday I’ve ever taken a boyfriend home to meet my parents. I’m sure it will go well, but I get nervous about things like this.

I am thankful to have a family who is so open and supportive of me. Who welcomed my boyfriend without a second thought. For my sister and her boyfriend who were avid opponents of Prop 8. For my adorable niece who is such a firecracker. For my boyfriend who is helping me learn what it feels like to love again. For my friends who provide me with such a wonderful grounding. These may be tough times, but I have so much to be thankful for.

Humpday Hotness – Vinicius Naval

Happy Thanksgiving! For more scrumptious and scantily clad photos of Mr. Naval, read the rest of this post.
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Window Washer


Obama’s Youth Movement

The notion of keeping Obama’s youth movement activated and engaged is all over the nets today. It’s an interesting topic that I’m particularly interested in. I think only time will tell whether today’s “kids” will continue to shed their apathy and engage the political world. I hope they will.

Check out the opinions at:

The LA Times


The Democratic Strategist

Ann Coulter’s Jaw Wired Shut

The Huffington Post reports that harpy Ann Coulter may have broken her jaw and had her jaw wired shut. Let’s hope it stays that way forever.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I know I’ve posted this before. But, I just love this song. (And the boys aren’t bad to look at either.)

And the girls who first came up with this idea, are just so rad:

New Star Trek Trailer… with Nimoy!

Thanks Christian!!

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

And, if it’s already taken down off Youtube, then go to Apple’s site to watch it.

Fantastic FAQ on Prop 8 by Lorri Jean

Read the entire FAQ here. Questions that are answered include:

What was the final vote on Prop 8?
How does this compare to the final vote on Prop 22?
How did various counties vote on Prop 8?
What do we know about who voted to pass Prop 8 and repeal the right to marry?
What is happening with the lawsuits?
What was the structure of the No on 8 campaign?
Who were the No on 8 campaign professionals?
How did the campaign decide what kind of ads to run?
Why didn’t you use any LGBT people in your ads until the last week?
Why did the Yes side run so many more ads than the No side?
What did the campaign’s internal polling show?
Why have some post-election protests and/or rallies focused on the Mormons?
Did the Mormon Church violate IRS rules by getting involved with the Yes on 8 campaign?
What lessons have been learned?
What should our next steps be?

Beautiful Water Droplet Photography

I’ve always loved plant and flower photography. In fact, when I was a kid my dad used complain that I’d wasted rolls and rolls of film taking essentially the same picture of a flower or a cloud. I would argue, of course, that they were all slightly different — framing exposure, angle, etc.

Today I saw these photos and was absolutely amazed at the use of water droplets as framing prisms. Check out the rest at Flickr.

DailyKos: Anti-Prop 8 Backlash Changes Minds

Kos has a great post on how the backlash and protests over the passage of Prop 8 have made a difference:

Of the those adults who tell SurveyUSA they voted FOR Prop 8, 90% of them told us recent rallies held by “No on Prop 8″ Protesters have not changed their minds about the issue. 8% say protesters have changed their minds.

“Turning eight percent of marriage equality opponents around in a few short weeks is remarkable, and likely stems people realizing what exactly they had voted for.

Remember, the proposition lost by only three points. If eight percent of the 52.1 percent who voted for it have changed their minds, that’s a 4.2 percent swing in favor of equality. Or, put another way, you’re looking at a 52-48 vote in favor of gay marriage.

I would say that thus far, the backlash against Proposition 8 has been wildly successful.”

Project Palantir: Global Facebook Visualization

The Origin of Blog Posts

Hahaha. So true:


California Recycles 80% of its Glass

From The Daily Green:

California is on pace to recycle nearly 80% of the glass introduced into commerce in 2008, according to the latest statistics — up from 71% in 2007.

Meanwhile, while the U.S. rate of glass recycling is increasing — to 28% in 2007 from 25% — it lags far behind the rate in California.

The New GOP Mascot

Given all the sex scandals in the GOP over the last couple of years, this should totally be the new GOP mascot:

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