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No on 8 Ads via my Sister

My sister called me this afternoon to make sure I saw these two ads for No on Prop 8. Everyone is just so freaking awesome today. I love my friends, my family, and my friends’ friends. Sigh. I hope we win this one.

My Friends Are Awesome

My friend Tree just forwarded an email to me from a friend of hers soliciting help opposing Prop 8. The message was really special, and even though I have never met this person, her words moved me to tears. I cried tears at the compassion and actions of friends and friends of friends.

It seems that Fridays are full of emotional experiences for me. This time, however, I was not alone in the office. One of my bosses walked up and, completely unrelated, began to say how annoyed he was with the Yes on H8 ads he’s seen on TV and heard on the radio. More tears. He asked what was wrong. And through a choked voice I told him that I’d just read this awesome email. We both laughed at the coincidence.

A few choice words from the email:

“…If there’s one thing I learned in law school, it’s that America decided long ago that “separate but equal” is never equal; it’s just plain wrong. If there’s one thing I learned in divinity school, it’s that Jesus doesn’t hate, and he certainly doesn’t encourage his followers to do so. If there’s one thing I learned in elementary school, it’s that it’s not ok to do nasty things to hurt other people, particularly when they aren’t doing you any harm.

This is not about marriage. This is not about gays. This is not about religion. This is not even about California, so don’t think this doesn’t apply to you if you’re not here. This fight is about a basic principle that our country purports to be proud of: equality. This would be the first time that a constitution was amended to DENY a group equal protection under the law. It baffles me that anybody could think that’s ok.

This is the civil rights fight of our generation, and by a quirk of history, the battle lines have been drawn in California. Both sides agree that this is it: if Prop 8 fails, the war for equality is won and it’ll just be a matter of time before the country follows us (just like when California led the way for interracial marriage). If Prop 8 passes, those who seek to discriminate will be energized to continue.

I honestly believe that our grandchildren will ask us what we did during these years, just like we ask our grandparents what they did in the 50’s and 60’s. I’d like to believe I would have been sitting at those lunch counters and boycotting the bus if I’d been around then. I don’t want to wake up on November 5 wishing I’d done more when I had the chance. Please think about that before closing this message without taking action….”

My friend Tree told me that upon receiving this email, she contributed more money to the cause. And, so have I: I just donated another $100. Please don’t be left wondering on November 5th how much more you could’ve given. DONATE today.

Samuel L Jackson on Prop 8

Helen Philpot on Prop 8

Helen for Mayor/Governor/President. I love her:

So several of you have emailed me about something happening in California. Now, a lot of crazy stuff goes on in that state and so I may be getting this a little mixed up. Evidently they are wanting to pass a constitutional amendment to make only marriages between a man and a woman valid in California. Talk about an ignorant pot calling a gay kettle black. Somebody really should check the latest divorce rates because clearly many marriages everywhere are not valid.

Now I am an old broad. We didn’t talk about this stuff. I really don’t know why gay people want to get married. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Harold. But I guess if one consenting adult wants to declare their love for another, why would anyone have an issue? I do know one gay couple. Margaret’s nephew and his friend have been together for several years. They are a lovely couple and make me laugh and feel special every time I see them. A couple of years ago Texas passed one of these constitutional amendments. The place where Harold and I go to vote is actually an elementary school in the neighborhood. On that particular election day I was appalled to see all the signs that said “Marriage Should Be Between a Man and Woman Only”. As Harold drove us into the parking lot to vote, I looked out the window at those signs and realized that many parents had driven their kids to school that morning driving past those very signs. I wonder if any of them had the same reaction I did – those signs reminded me of the little signs we used to have back in the day that said “Whites Only”. Think about it.

Charlie Brown Watchmen

Ellen Scares Zac Efron

The look of fear and utter confusion on the boy’s face. Poor thing:

Hatred Heightens Judgement and Predictive Skills

A new study suggests that hating someone “heightens your judgment and your ability to assess what other people are likely to do next.” Interesting. So, haters are more capable of tactically judging situations, whereas love impairs judgment.

The legal ramifications are interesting too. “If a court can prove that somebody committed an act of violence while under the influence of hate, that person might go to jail for a much longer time than they would otherwise.”

Obama Butterfly Wings

Lene sent me these pics from one of her LJ forums. I guess people thought it would be nifty to photoshop wings onto Obama.

Um, what?! Why exactly? Because, people are weird.

AP Poll: Prop 8

An AP poll released today “had opponents of the ban with a 49 percent to 45 percent edge. That’s much closer than in previous surveys over Proposition 8.”

It’s so close. I’m really unsure of how this is going to swing.


McCain Admits Obama is Not a Socialist

And then proceeds to spout a bunch of half-truths and lies. At least Larry King presses McCain a little bit.

Religious Nuts: The Call – California

ZOMG. Seriously?! I’m not sure I even know what to say in response to this. I’m just a little dumbfounded…

DONATE NOW to protect marriage for gay and lesbians in California.

15 Worst Porno Ideas Possible

This cracked me up. Here are my faves:

#15: Something oddly erotic about robot sex…

#14: I’d actually watch this one if Troy and Chad were in a scene together… Perhaps Eiffel Towering (see previous post for definition)

#9: LOLOLOLOL. So gross.

Eiffel Tower


Helen Rocks My World

Read Helen’s response to an undecided voter. It’s so good. Here’s a taste:

If you are undecided – and I am at a complete loss for how you could be – please consider the following:

Which party has been screaming terrorist, socialist, Marxist, murder him and kill him… and which party has been talking about hope and unity.

Which party has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you everyday for the past two weeks hoping to scare you into thinking that there is an Un-American part of the country… and which party has been sayng that there is no red America and no blue America but only the United States of America.

Which party thinks war is the answer to everything… and which party has suggested that maybe we need to sit down and talk this out to see if peace is possible.

Scwarzenegger’s Stance on the CA Props

Our Governator’s positions on the props are mostly to be expected. A few surprises.

Download the Loganotron SF & CA Voter Guide here.

Here are Governator Schwarzenegger’s positions on the CA Props:

  • Prop 1A High Speed Rail Bonds: Yes (Of course, lots of people love this one. It’s a feel-good measure)
  • Prop 2 Farm Animal Confinement Standards: No (You’ve been mostly good on environmental and other animal issues, why are you faltering now?)
  • Prop 3 Children’s Hospital Bond: Yes (Ok)
  • Prop 4 Parental Notification of Abortion: Yes (WHAT?! This one surprised me. Yes on 4 but No on 8?! What kind of social liberal are you Arnie?)
  • Prop 5 Nonviolent Drug Offenses, Sentencing & Parole: No (What?! You don’t want to give non-violent offenders the ability to go to rehab instead of clogging our prisons?!)
  • Prop 6 Law Enforcement Funding, Gang Penalties: Neutral (Why are you neutral on the law enforcement issues? Take a stand Schwarzie)
  • Prop 7 Renewable Energy Standards: No (Right, because everyone hates 7)
  • Prop 8 Same-Sex Marriage Ban: No (We knew he opposed this one, no surprises here)
  • Prop 9 Victims’ Rights & Parole: Neutral (Again, why neutral? Surprised he didn’t take a stand here)
  • Prop 10 Alternative Fuel Bonds: No (Not surprising)
  • Prop 11 Redistricting: Yes (Not surprising, since this would give Republicans more power in the redistricting process than they deserve based on representative demographics in the state)
  • Prop 12 Veterans Bond Act: Yes (This is generally a yes for most folks, so no surprises here)

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