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Coolest Shit of the Week

I saw this in my friend Calli’s RSS feed. Pretty fucking awesome shit…

Energy generating dance floor

We need more of these. Every club should have a dance floor like this. In fact, every high-traffic surface should have one of these. I’d skip down the sidewalk all the time if my skipping were converted into useable energy. I’d probably skip anyway; I’m just a happy-go-lucky, skippy kinda guy. But how awesome would it be if I was powering things with my skips?


Skyscraper’s 728-ton stabilizing ball

This is so fucking rad. I love skyscraper stuff, and can watch hours and hours of skyscraper-related architecture shows on TLC and Discovery. So, this site made my jaw drop. I just kept muttering, “so effing rad. So effing rad…” Check out the video of the ball in action during the recent Chinese earthquake:

David Beckham’s Package is Photoshopped…

Big fucking duh?! Like you couldn’t tell.

Smart Car Crash Test

Wow. I was a bit surprised by the results of this crash test.

Hulk Smash!

Lene and I went to see The Incredible Hulk on Saturday. Listen to our podcast review here.

I actually really enjoyed it. This one is about 10 million times better than the first one. Hooray for Edward Norton. And hooray for the Avengers movie in the making…

And here’s an apropos video I filmed years ago at a friend’s apartment. In the movie, you actually get to hear Hulk say, “Hulk SMASH!” which made me happy.

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Dating?

When Perez Hilton squawks, the gay blogosphere jumps to attention and parrots his every word. Need proof? Perez’s post yesterday.

And the gay gossip Perez-o-trons: Towleroad, My Pink Passion, HotMommaGossip, StarkedNY, and Gay Socialities, just to name a few.

Not that I’m harping on these folks. Just pointing out that while so many of us in the gay blogosphere despise and repudiate Perez for his classlessness, we still seem to hang on his every word. At least when it comes to outing gay celebrities, that is. I’ve certainly been guilty of repeating Perez’s filth before. Even this post validates and dignifies his gossip, in a way.

In other fun news, here are some cute pictures of Chace and Ed from their Photobucket gallery.

Thursday Night Boy Booty – Sprawled

Happy Gay Pride Everyone!

This week I had sprawled naked booty on my mind. I love the first three photos. Especially the very first photo in the gallery (top left). OMG. Makes me weak in the knees and very un-weak in the groin.
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McCain vs. Obama: Who You Got?

LOL. One of my Google ads in my sidebar literally reads “McCain vs. Oabam: Who You Got?”

Why does that crack me up so much? I guess because it’s trying so hard to sound hip and cool. Jeez does it ever miss the mark?!

The Christian Gene

Awesome! Thanks to Apollo for sharing.

glumbert – Gay scientists isolate Christian gene

LOL – Larry Craig


McCain the Flip-Flopper?

Okay, so I’m not opposed to politicians changing their minds on principle. Everyone evolves and adapts their positions and opinion based on a changing landscape. That in and of itself does not make one a flip-flopper. However, changing your position on a topic days or weeks after stating the opposite, for pure political gains… That’s flip-flopping. The Carpetbagger Report has a list chock-full of McCain’s flip-flops. Perhaps a few are mere evolutions of opinion. The rest scream of political posturing.

Stuff God Hates #31: Galactus

OMFG. This is some funny shit. Thanks to Lene for sharing this blog with me. One of my new faves!

Of the many powerful beings roaming throughout My Cosmos, there is one that has provoked My Righteous Anger on countless occasions. I am speaking, of course, about Galactus, the ‘Devourer of Worlds.’

Man, I hate that guy. He keeps eating all the planets I create! All he does is float about the universe and find planets I’ve made that can sustain life and then eat them! What a complete jerk

Orlando Bloom’s Pirate Booty

This is awesome. Even though I think Orlando Bloom is way too stick thin nowadays, it’s always good to see celebrity butt on the internets. (via SocialiteLife. Also, more at Beauty and the Bum.)

Conservative Paper Supports CA Court’s Marriage Ruling

From the conservative Orange County Register (via here):

Our preference would be for the government not to be involved in marriage, the most fundamental of institutions in a civil society. Why two people who want to be married should be required to get a license from the state is something of a mystery. Marriage existed long before the California or U.S. governments came into being and will continue long after they have been consigned to history. Whether a marriage is valid should be up to the people involved and the churches, synagogues, mosques or other religious institutions that choose to perform them or not.

As a practical matter, however, the government has so entwined itself into our daily lives that state recognition is important. Filing taxes as a married couple or as individuals makes a difference, as does the ability to own real estate, make end-of-life decisions or adopt children. Considering all this and the importance of equality before the law, the high court’s decision was justified.

Greenwald on the FISA Capitulation

Read Glenn Greenwald’s fantastic post for a what’s what on the FISA capitulation. An excerpt:

Several other Senators besides Dodd have ratcheted up the opposition to this bill in the last couple of days. In addition to Dodd, Sens. Feingold, Boxer, and Wyden all announced they would oppose cloture on the bill. Not insignificantly, Sen. Reid announced not only that he would co-sponsor the Dodd amendment to strip immunity out of the bill, but would also vote against the bill on final passage:

It is a position that puts the Democratic Senate leader at odds with his own party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Barack Obama, who also has pledged to fight for the removal of immunity but will vote yes on the final package. . . . That the Senate Majority Leader would willingly take a different stance from his party’s presidential nominee is an indication of both the political pressures of the current election as well as the emotional divisiveness of the FISA battle.

And, check out my Senatorial heroes Dodd and Feingold as they deliver amazing speeches against telecom immunity today. Dodd’s speech is here. Feingold’s speech is here.
UPDATE: And now my other Senate hero Barbara Boxer speaks out.

Stuff That Caught My Eye

Gay marriage proponents are trying to get the California Supreme Court to strike the amendment from the ballot in November. They claim that the amendment is so severe that it should require Legislative approval before going before voters. And, that it should then require 2/3 voter approval. That’s the way Massachusetts does it, and why such an amendment has never made it to the voters. The MA Legislature has voted such a measure down repeatedly.

The SF Chronicle ran a fascinating piece on Sunday regarding the vanishing of the middle class in San Francisco. Currently, the only income class experiencing an increase in the city are people making over $200,000 per year. One critic said that if things continue this way, SF will end up a “Disneyland for yuppies.”

The Long Now Foundation has a list of Underground Wonders. I’ve always been fascinated by caves and such. Check out their list and follow the links. Awesome!

The real McCain. Leave it to a UK journalist to finally cast a spotlight on who John McCain really is.

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