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The Un-Green Side of Elections

This is absurd. The above picture is the election-related mail solicitations and advertisements my house has received in the last four days. Read that again: FOUR DAYS. This is such a waste of paper. (At the bottom of the picture is my iPhone for some perspective on the sheer size and amount of paper.)

As I was leaving our house today, there was a doorknob advertisement for a certain California state politician. Apollo took the ad off the door when I left and recycled it. I was gone for 15 minutes, and by the time I returned there was a new one on the doorknob.

I’m disgusted by the scale of the waste involved here.

Hey Gavin: You banned bottled water in our city because of the excessive and unnecessary waste. How about banning or limiting the wasteful election mail…

General Grant Tree

Because it was raining and snowing during the whole Memorial Day weekend, my family and I couldn’t go on our Kings Canyon hike like we’d planned. Instead we hiked around the paved half-hour General Grant Tree path in Grant Grove. The Grant Tree is a Sequoia and is the second largest tree in the world. And because of its particular beauty, it was deemed the Nation’s Christmas Tree in 1926.

Free Range, Organic Stamps

This was on the window of the Post Office at Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. My parents and most of the tourists didn’t get the joke. I thought it was LOL funny.

DNC Committee Rules on Florida and Michigan Delegates

The DNC Rules Committee ruled today that Florida and Michigan’s delegates would be seated at the convention, but would only be given half votes. This pretty much means Clinton can’t win at this point. Of course, she will likely appeal this ruling to another DNC committee. Le sigh.

San Francisco Values Redux

Sam Graves has a new attack ad out against Kay Barnes. This one is hilarious. It goes so far as to claim that Kay Barnes wants to extend the California gay marriage ruling to Missouri.

Thanks to AB for calling this one to my attention.

Thursday Night Boy Booty

I have been having lots of fun finding boy booty pics to share with you all each Thursday. I’ve started to collect the booty pics thematically. Tonight’s theme is guy’s laying down on their tummies with their booties up in the air. Oh how these pics make the mind wander…

Gay Marriage is Like Rollerblading

This is an interesting video. The interviewer asks various Georgia citizens what they think of California’s gay marriage ruling. My favorite part is when the interviewer asks, “There’s a saying that, ‘As goes California so goes the rest of the nation.’ They had rollerblading first and you know how that went. Are we going to see gay marriage in other states?”


Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius: Possible Obama Veep?

Robert Novak penned an article in the WaPo about Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and her pro-choice dealings. In a way, it seems Novak is painting her as a raging liberal pro-choicer. Is his characterization unfair? Perhaps it is, only because he writes of almost nothing else in this piece. What about her other positions on other policies? Is she a good female Democratic VP alternative to Hillary Clinton? She just may be…

More on Kathleen Sebelius here.

Thanks to WWJV4 for the nod to the article.

Call Schwarzenegger re: Your Gay Marraige Support

From the intarwebs:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is receiving large numbers of phone calls from the supporters of “Limits on Marriage” (The constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in California ) about his comment to a group of Log Cabin Republicans that he wouldn’t support a constitutional amendment.

We don’t want him to go back on his word. He must hear from us too. The aide I spoke to yesterday was so glad I called as most of his calls were from the “other side.” Now it is automated and you will not talk to anyone, just push the number for pro Supreme Court decision.

To vote in support of the Supreme Court ‘ s decision on LGBT marriage:
1. call 1-916-445-2841
2. press 1, 5, 1, 1

You can also call, email or write him and thank him for his declining to support this initiative. (They don’t ask what state you are from, by the way.) To email go to http://gov.ca.gov/interact, hit email tab and select Supreme Court decision on Same Sex Marriage. On the next screen you must click PRO. It’s a little confusing since we’re talking about the initiative for which we are con. Then just a couple of words of thanks are all you need. No long letter which no one will read anyway.

State Capitol Building
Sacramento , CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )

Batman’s Milk Mustache


Pop Lock and… Freak Show

Reg sent me this amazing clip. The dude in this video is a total freak show, in a good way…

http://view.break.com/507504 – Watch more free videos

Fish: To Eat or Not To Eat?

Dr. Trix has a great post over at Jedi Mind Trix about whether or not to eat fish. I’ve been struggling with this exact issue. I’m a vegetarian but a couple of years ago I allowed myself to eat fish again. Reports of the over-fishing problem and mercury levels have made me rethink this choice.

I read a great interview/book review a few weeks ago about what fish to eat and not eat. In the interview, Taras Grescoe discusses his book Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood. The rule of thumb is: don’t eat bottom feeders (that means NO SHRIMP!). Also, if you’re going to eat tuna, only buy Skipjack. And the only acceptable Salmon is Alaskan wild. The list goes on, but not for very long. There are few fish that are still healthy and morally/environmentally responsible to eat.

In today’s blog post, Dr. Trix links to The Green Guide’s interactive fish guide. And for printable wallet guides to what fish to eat or avoid click here or here.

Dr. Trix asks whether it wouldn’t be more environmentally responsible to occasionally eat meat whose source and farming practices we can verify. I’ve struggled with that exact issue. My dad is a cattle rancher who raises his beef free-range and certified organic. Wouldn’t it make sense for me to have my dad reserve some of the meat from one of his cows for me? I’ve seen the cows and the various pastures they graze in (they graze at different pastures of varying elevations depending on the time of year and relative heat). I feel like I know the answer to this dilemma. I’m just not sure I can give up fish yet…

XKCD: Bloggers in the Sky

Love it!

Glenn Greenwald on the CA Gay Marriage Ruling

Thank you Glenn Greenwald for challenging the “activist judges thwart democracy” falsehood.

This reasoning — that it undermines “democracy” and constitutes judicial tyranny when a court strikes down a popular law — is so pervasive every time there is a controversial court decision. But it is as woefully misinformed as it is common.

That a law invalidated by a court is supported by a large majority is not an argument supporting the conclusion that the court’s decision was wrong. Central to our system of government is the premise that there are laws which even the largest majorities are prohibited from enacting because such laws violate the constitutional rights of minorities. Thus, the percentage of people who support the law in question, and how lengthy and painstaking the process was that led to the law’s enactment, is totally irrelevant in assessing the propriety of a court decision striking down that law on constitutional grounds.

Read his full commentary here.

McCain Says He’s Too Old

In 2000 McCain said that by 2008 he “might be ready to go down to the old soldiers home and await the cavalry charge there.” Watch him say it on camera over at Crooks and Liars.

So, wait… Age was an acceptable issue to discuss in 2000, but now it’s taboo? Okay, we’ll just pretend he’s young and spry, just like we pretended George Bush was telling the truth about Iraq.

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