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The Incredible Hulk Trailer

This looks pretty awesome. I am most definitely excited for The Incredible Hulk movie this summer.

And from my favorite snark over at Filmdrunk:

I still don’t know how a scene with 25 minutes of CGI-buff-dude-on-CGI-buff-dude violence will be all that interesting, unless it also involves lactating, an afterbirth, or spontaneous prolapse. What can I say, I’m a simple man who enjoys the simple pleasures.

Bodyrox: Yeah Yeah

This is NSFW. There are tits and simulated heterosexual sex acts. Therefore, this one goes out to all you straight readers out there. Who am I kidding? This goes out to the one straight reader out there: Reg this one is for you.

Thanks to Apollo for sharing this:

America Idol Top 5 – Live Blogging

American Idol Top 5

First, I couldn’t believe Carly went home last week. Brooke should’ve been the one to go home. Moving on…

Neil Diamond could be interesting. At the very least he should provide a breadth of styles for the singers to choose from.

Round 1:
Jason CastroForever in Blue Jeans – Was just okay. Nothing spectacular.

David Cook – I’m Alive – pretty good rock song. Unique. I didn’t remember the original song, but David’s version was memorable.

Brooke White – I’m a Believer – Why is she still here. This was not a good performance at the start of the song. It got better and she got more energetic as the song continued

David Archuleta – Sweet Caroline – No. I did not like his version of this song. It was, how does Randy say it, Pitchy. He did show a bunch ore personality on stage this time. Got better near the end of the song.

Syesha Mercado – What was the name of that song? It was good. Pretty vocals. But not super memorable.

The Judges said:
Randy loves the Davids.
Paula is on crack. She thought David Cook sang twice.
Simon put it best when he said they’re lucky they get two songs. He even called Archuleta amateurish which I agree with.

Click through for my thoughts on Round 2 of tonight’s episode.
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Leave Miley Cyrus Alone

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair
I was reading the blogs today and saw that Miley Cyrus showed off her shoulder in Vanity Fair. Gasp! Stop the presses. Teen star shows skin. And it was a whole shoulder!! She must be one step away from a psychotic break. Or she must already have a baby in the belly…

Dude, seriously?! Look at that picture. It’s artsy. There’s nothing scandalous about that picture. People are getting worked up over nothing. The press is lame.

I decided to comment on the whole situation. This is what too much Red Bull in the late afternoon does to me.

Should I Donate to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul has vowed to stay in the race as long as he has support. And his tactics have caused a division in the party in Nevada. Should I donate money to Ron Paul’s campaign so that he’ll stay in and run as a third party candidate? “Hrmmmm…,” says Logan while scratching his whisker-less chin.


This movie looks awesome! Will Smith plays an alcoholic dude with super powers. He fights crime, but by his own rules. And, somewhat begrudgingly. I am so watching this movie!

The Youtube trailers keep getting taken down. So, go watch the official trailer.

Chace Crawford gets pwned by Jason Priestly

Chace apparently has a thing for older, washed up Hollywood types. First JC, and now Jason Priestly.

Chace Crawford gets pwned

I love the way Trent photoshopped the image for PITNB.

Record-breaking Mentos Coke Explosion

This is effing awesome. Kinda puts my two 20oz bottles at the family reunion to shame.

Mentos Coke Explosion

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Discrimination

Wow. Just wow. Read more at AP and WWJV4. I also previously blogged at length about this issue here.

My shift toward Hillary Clinton

I was an Edwards supporter early on. When he dropped out, I was at a loss over which candidate to support. By a hair’s breath, my vote swung to Obama on Super Tuesday. But now, all that is changing. I’m still not pledging undying allegiance to either candidate. But, I do find myself becoming more appreciative of Clinton’s policies, personality, and poise.

I think it all started to unravel when I read an article by Rebecca Traister on Salon titled Hey Obama boys: Back off already! In the article Traister talks about feminism, post-feminism, and the not-so-subtle sexism in the contest. I’ve experienced the exact same thing Traister has: people calling Clinton a bitch, and saying they would never vote for that bitch. Several friends (straight and gay alike) proudly display the Bros before Hoes icon on social networks and instant message avatars.

Bros before Hoes
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Michael Pollan: Why Bother?

Michael Pollan explains why growing a small garden in your backyard is the easiest and yet most likely way we could all reduce our carbon footprint. Check out the NYTimes article here. Or click here for a PDF of the article.

Obama’s Interview on FOXNews Sunday

Obama has been boycotting Fox for hundreds of days. With good reason too. It’s not like Fox News is known for its journalistic integrity. I watched the interview this morning. I was left thinking that while Obama answered the questions satisfactorily, he didn’t seem polished enough. I was annoyed at Chris Wallace for harping on some of the controversy crap, but he also asked a lot of good, hard-hitting questions about policy too. Read the transcript of this morning’s interview here.

“Go Speed Racer Go” Music Video

This is so hot:

Go Speed Racer Go Music Video

This also reminded me of the track by DJ Keoki from years ago. Click here to listen.

Loganotron and Mitchieville: Brothers in Arm(pit)s

ArmpitCheck out my weekly Man Flesh blog post over at Mitchieville this week. I explore the wonderful world of male armpits. To the left is a little taste of what’s over there.

And don’t miss my previous two Man Flesh posts: A New Hope and Hairy Chests

The DNCs New Anti-McCain Ad

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