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Logan at WonderCon

Lene and Logan at Wondercon

Here’s the video evidence of Lene and me getting our comic book groove-thang on this year at WonderCon 2008. Thanks to iFanboy for the video podcast.

JC Chasez: Chace Is Really Extra Super Duper (not) My Boyfriend

JC Chasez and Chace CrawfordMethinks the lady doth protest too much:

“You know what, it’s laughable the first time,” [JC] told PEOPLE at the live finale of Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew. “I think the tenth time, it gets annoying… The fact of the matter is I’m a straight guy and I’m allowed to have [guy] friends.” (source)

JC Chasez: Chase Is (not) My Boyfriend

JC Chasez and Chace Crawford Whatever. You know what JC?! You wanna prove it to us all? Well, here’s one way:

Stick your dick in Chace’s mouth and make us believe that you don’t fucking love that shit. If you can honestly say with a straight face that you don’t like Chace’s lips wrapped around your dick, then and only then will I believe you’re not banging Chace’s ass on the down low.

More of JC attempting to prove his heterosexuality on the Tyra Banks show, here.

Alan Ritchson is Russian Superman

This was all over the gay blogosphere today. All signs seem to point back to Ohlala as the original post. (I love those two hot French bloggers.)

Because you all know we love us some Alan Ritchson, here he is in all his super hero splendor:

David Cook’s Cover of a Cover of Billie Jean

I didn’t watch Idol last night (I was planning on watching it tonight). When I got into the office, my boss asked if I had watched, and that David Cook really rose above the rest with his cover of Billie Jean. I hopped right on Youtube and watched it. And, wow. I was impressed. Then I came across this post on dlisted which reveals that David Cook’s cover was pretty much lifted from Chris Cornell’s cover. That’s not to say that David Cook wasn’t amazing. It just shows that Paula and the rest are lame for calling him “original.”
David Cook on American Idol:

Chris Cornell:

Payback’s Hell

This is so wrong. But oh so funny…

Thanks to Shane for sharing.

Is Chris Wallace a Democrat in Disguise?!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been watching Fox News Sunday mornings with Chris Wallace. I view it as a chance to see what the right wing is thinking (planning) about the Democratic candidates. I’ve been impressed with Chris Wallace’s tough questioning of both Left and Right guests on the show. This clip made me particularly happy. Is it possible someone on Fox News has some journalistic integrity? How long before Chris gets demoted for straying from the party line?

Gay Tux

In June I will be required to wear a tuxedo for the first time in I can’t remember how long. Stupid weddings and their formal wear! As I was chatting with my favorite friend Dinamite, I had the bright idea of wanting to dress in a gay tux. So, I set out to find ideas for my “gay tux” using Google’s Image Search. Funny stuff turned up in my search.

Because some of the images are NSFW, the images are all located after the jump. (Click any of the images to enlarge.)
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Alan Ritchson’s Penis

You may recall me posting pics of Alan Ritchson’s ass in a jockstrap a while back. Now enjoy a pic of him in see-through white PJs, with his penis outline showing. Yum!

Click to enlarge. (Oh, if it were only that simple!!)

Alan Ritchson Penis

Marco Dapper Is Smoking Hot

What’s the deal? Suddenly I’m coming across Marco Dapper pics everywhere I look. Today’s pics come courtesy of my two new favorite eyecandy blogs: BeautyAndTheBum and EthanSays.

Marco Dapper Marco Dapper Marco Dapper

Reichen and Ryan are Adorable

Reichen and Ryan are so cute together. Of course, Reichen sounds like a big ol’ queen and Ryan sounds like a meathead. But still, the queen and his boytoy hold hands during the interview. His highness even rubs the jock’s finger. Cuuuuuute….

Dancing Seal

This is cute.

Via Towleroad.

Cabana Boys: Chace and JC

These two guys just can’t get enough of each other, fanning the flames of the gay blogosphere. Apparently they’re together at some beach resort sharing a cabana. Check it out at Defamer, with a sorta lame camera-phone picture.

Chace Crawford JC Chasez Cabana Gay

Marco Dapper Is Still Hot

Holy crap. These pics of Marco Dapper are smoking hot. Yum…!

marco_dapper_new1.jpg Marco Dapper
Marco Dapper Marco Dapper

La Pequeña Hillary Clinton

I don’t know whether I should laugh or be concerned. This is just weird.

Thanks (I think…) to Shane for sending this one my way.

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