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Zac Efron’s Gay Kiss

Zac Efron Gay Kiss

This cracked me up. Sure, it could be Zac smooching his twink boyfriend on the cheek. Or, it could be just about any other emo Zac-wannabe out there. In other words, it could be about a bajillion other teenage losers in that picture.

Oh man, did I just devastate emo boys all over the country by calling them losers? Now those angsty little bitches are going to go cry in a closet while listening to Fall Out Boy. When the hurt has passed, they’ll get back out there to their normal life-hating lives, but only after they reapply their self-tanner and mascara…

Jeez, look what I did. Sorry ’bout that.

More Plant Porn from Mitchieville

The Mitchieville guys and I may be on the opposite side of the political spectrum. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share a love for truly bizarre plant pornography.

Plant Penis

Shia LaBeouf’s Penis?

So, I admit, this may be 100% Photoshopped. But who cares. Also, my favorite word of the day is peen.

Shia LaBeouf Penis

Wolverine Casting

So they enlisted the hobbit (Dominic Monaghan) to play Beak/Blackwing. And a whole host of other cast/characters. Maybe this movie won’t suck as much as I thought it would:

From JustJared:

Monaghan, 31, be joining Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Taylor Kitsch (Gambit), Will.i.am (Kestrel), Danny Huston (William Stryker), and Lynn Collins (Silver Fox).

Gambit in Wolverine Movie?

Film Drunk posted a possible casting update regarding the upcoming Wolverine movie. I love his commentary on the actor supposedly chosen to play Gambit:

Taylor Kitsch is Gambit?“Anyway, remember when a superhero could be played by a regular dude with a swagger and a beer gut, a la George Reeves? Now we get former Diesel models who are “passionate about nutrition and fitness” and the guy from Hairspray. Not to mention, his name is “Taylor”. Might as well name your kid “Twinkle Toes”, or “Jazz Hands”. In this movie, instead of throwing exploding playing cards, Gambit’ll probably release butterflies or white doves… okay, on second thought, exploding doves would actually be really cool.”

Dude, exploding doves would fucking rock my world. How ironic would that be as a weapon?

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Clip??

Film Drunk has what could be aclip of the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. Or, it could be an elaborate spoof. Click through to watch the clip. What do you think: Real or fake?

Where the Wild Things Are

WWTDD? Kills Me

This post if fucking hilarious. And the comments are pretty amazing too. My favorite comment:

WWTDD Comment

Horny Trees

I love the guys at Mitchieville and the randomly hilarious shit they dig up:

Horny trees

San Jose Mercury Review of ‘Jumper’

Hayden Christensen

I loved this review titled ‘Jumper’: Who told Hayden Christensen he could act? Take a gander at just a bit of the review:

In fact, the only force on Earth so dense that it apparently can’t be moved even by the movie’s special effects is Christensen’s wooden acting. After bringing the second “Star Wars” trilogy to its knees as the inert Anakin Skywalker, his performance here threatens the very fabric of time and space.

I still kind of want to see the movie though…

Shirtless Abercombie Improv

Lene sent me this awesome story. A group of 111 guys got together and went to Abercombie and proceeded to take off their shirts and meander the store. Read through the site to see the ironic reaction from the Aberzombie management.

I Have a Deram!

The guys over at Mitchieville cracked me up again with this awesome screencap. (Notice both signs are misspelled in different ways!)

I Have a Dream,

Channing Tatum: Naked and Dancing

I’m going to go see Step Up 2 the Streets because Channing Tatum is in it. Sure, he may only be in it for a few minutes. I don’t care. He’s still hot and I want to see him dance. I also love teen dance movies. And teen cheerleading movies. But that’s besides the point. Or is it…?

Channing Tatum Step Uo Channing Tatum Step Up

Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked

Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood?

I don’t have anything against Carrie Underwood. Okay, I didn’t have anything against her, until I saw news that suggests she’s moving in on my Chace. Bitch better back off. He’s spoken for already…

Chace Crawford

No You Can’t

From the guys who created Billionaires for Bush:

Edwards Divided on Endorsement

John Edwards is “as split as the party he once hoped to lead — and is seriously considering supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite the sharp criticism he leveled at her on the campaign trail, according to former aides and advisers,” ABC News reports.

In deciding between his one-time rivals, Edwards appears deeply divided. Several former advisers likened his thought process to a heart-versus-head split — with his heart favoring Sen. Barack Obama’s strong message of change, and his head attracted to Clinton’s tested nature and commitment to tough fights.

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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