Ron Paul: Good or Bad?

I love this post over at WWJV4. Summer writes a great post covering the top 10 reasons not to vote for Ron Paul. Even more interesting, perhaps, is the lengthy debate and discussion that takes place in the comments section. The whole Libertarian thing works really well if you only care about yourself. (Oh, and if you happen to be a middle-class white person and above.) When you expand the scope of reference though (especially to discrimination and minority issues), the political philosophy seems to break down.

Of course, he’s not all bad. He seems to be in favor of gay marriage. Unfortunately, his political rationale for why he’d allow gay marriage doesn’t work when you extend it to other minority issues. Check it out:

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#1 TJ on 12.10.07 at 11:46 pm

She has very little understanding of the Constitution and Rights which renders her argument very weak.

There is a thing called the 10th Amendment that she’s not taking consideration of. For example, Education isn’t a “federal” issue – it’s a state issue. See? She leads a person as ignorant as herself to believe that government funded education would seize to exist. Weak indeed.


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