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Song of the Day

This is my soundtrack for today. I’ve already listened to it a half dozen times. Why is it that I’m so attracted to songs about female breasteses?

Why the EPA Shouldn’t Stop California

The EPA recently denied California’s request that we be allowed to set more strict rules for car emissions. William Buzbee, professor of law at Emory Law School, has an interesting analysis. He logically deconstructs the EPA’s reasons for denying California’s request.

Logan is a Dancing Queen

I recently went to my friend Dangermarc’s company holiday party. It was an amazing party, with a poker room, karaoke room, and a big dance room. Oh and lots of alcohol and food everywhere. Well, needless to say, where there’s music there’s also a dancing Logan. Here’s a video of me dancing with Dangermarc’s coworker Honey:

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Jamie Bamber TowelI rented Battlestar Galactica: Razor and had no idea what to expect. But, the fact that it had the words Battlestar Galactica on the cover was a pretty good sign that I was going to dig it. And sure enough, I loved this featurette. Razor tells the story of the Pegasus, the second Battlestar that enters the series in Season 2. Much of the story is told through flashback sequences. We get a glimpse into how and why the Pegasus survived the attack on the 12 colonies. We also get the backstory of Admiral Cain. The story mostly follows a character named Kendra Shaw. I found her character neither objectionable nor interesting. She seemed overly angry all the time, without significant cause.

There’s only one problem I had with the story. Cain is this tough-as-nails Admiral who goes kind of psycho after the Cylon attack. Understandable. She runs a tight ship, but her crew respects her. Believable. Then she goes a little crazy and shoots her XO. Okay, can still believe it. And then it’s revealed she’s a lesbian and is having a secret relationship with the hot blond Cylon “Six.” Um, baroo?

Why did she have to be a lesbian? It’s such a cliched stereotype to make her this bitchy lesbian. Why can’t she just be a tough heterosexual woman? Is the only way to explain her aggression to make her a lesbian? Can heterosexual women not be tough? Maybe I’m overreacting, but I had a pretty guttural, negative reaction when they introduced that element into the story.

Except for that one issue, I loved every second of Razor. It’s a great way to tide myself over until the fourth and final season airs.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne Ultimatum PosterToday I rented The Bourne Ultimatum. Unlike the third Pirates movie, this trequel was fantastic. I’ve enjoyed all of the Bourne movies. In each one there’s action, secret spy stuff, amazing car chase scenes, hand-to-hand combat, and Matt Damon! This movie made me happy and kept me interested. It brought out the rockem-sockem, aggro-guy in me. More than I can say for most action movies.

Oh, and Matt Damon is still super hot.


Hairspray James MarsdenI watched Hairspray while I was at my parents’ house. It wasn’t as edgy or campy as the John Waters original, but I still liked it. James Marsden was cute as Corny Collins. And Michelle Pfiefer was amazing as usual. Christopher Walken wowed us with his dancing and singing as did Queen Latifah. I especially liked newcomer Nikki Blonsky. She made me want to go out and do the the shake it on the dance floor with her!

I was a little annoyed that all I heard or read about in the reviews was John Travolta. There were so many other amazing actors that eclipsed his mediocre performance. Those performers deserve the acclaim of the reviewers. Hell, even Zac “Fake-n-Bake” Efron gave a notable performance.

I know most people would opt for the original movie over the remake. But, if this remake happens to get kids watching so they can ogle Zac, James, etc., then that’s a good thing. It can’t hurt to remind the youth of America that not so long ago racial inequities were dramatically etched into our culture. And, maybe the kiddies will even think a little a bit about whether those inequities still exist in their lives today. Or maybe they’ll just daydream of Zac and James doing the horizontal twist-n-shout. Or is that just me? 🙂

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean PosterWhile I was home for the holidays, my family and I bought Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on pay-per-view. The first movie wowed us, and my parents became infatuated with Johnny Depp. The second movie got a little confusing and the ending pissed off everyone I know. The third movie was plain terrible.

To say that this movie is a yawn-fest is no exaggeration. My dad actually fell asleep watching. There were too many plot elements being juggled around and it was hard to keep track of who was back-stabbing whom. It ran too long and I never knew to whom I should give my allegiance. In other words, who the hell should I be rooting for?!

Unless you love everything to do with pirates, I highly recommend passing up on this movie if you haven’t already seen it. LAME.

Is This Who We Are?

Are we so xenophobic that we as a people will endorse and condone immigration agents using the school system to deport Latino families? Bush recently promised to increase investigations of employers who employee illegal immigrants. If Bush is adamant about punishing companies who employ illegal immigrants, why waste time with the small business owners? I’m curious: When are the INS agents going to start hauling off to jail the white CEO’s of major farming and industrial companies for knowingly employing cheap illegal laborers?

Sacrifices on the Altar of Freedom

I read this awesome essay over at Mindtangle. I remember my friend Nagu bringing up the point he mentions in his post, and I remember the economic coldness of his words. As Nagu points out in his post, David Foster is making the same point, but using more emotional concepts. His words put it in plain and simple terms: Would you (or I) being willing to die to preserve the freedoms we hold dear? Like Nagu, my answer is yes. This sentiment reminds me of Patrick Henry’s famous words: “Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

The Future of the American Idea November 2007 Atlantic Monthly

by David Foster Wallace Just Asking

Are some things still worth dying for? Is the American idea* one such thing? Are you up for a thought experiment? What if we chose to regard the 2,973 innocents killed in the atrocities of 9/11 not as victims but as democratic martyrs, “sacrifices on the altar of freedom”?* In other words, what if we decided that a certain baseline vulnerability to terrorism is part of the price of the American idea? And, thus, that ours is a generation of Americans called to make great sacrifices in order to preserve our democratic way of life—sacrifices not just of our soldiers and money but of our personal safety and comfort?

In still other words, what if we chose to accept the fact that every few years, despite all reasonable precautions, some hundreds or thousands of us may die in the sort of ghastly terrorist attack that a democratic republic cannot 100-percent protect itself from without subverting the very principles that make it worth protecting?
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Project Runway: Jack’s Flashdance Parody

Don’t miss this. It’s silly and awesome.

Jack: You are my dream guy…

Global Warming: True or False? Does it Matter?

Thanks to Lady Leblanc for posting this:

Jackie Beat Is Outrageous(ly Funny)

Interesting Poll Numbers

From Salon:

..check out the new CNN/Opinion Research poll released today. In it, both John Edwards and Barack Obama do better than Clinton does in hypothetical head-to-head matchups with leading Republican contenders.

Edwards leads Rudy Giuliani by 11 percentage points, Obama leads him by eight, and Clinton leads him by six. Edwards leads Mitt Romney by 22 points, Obama leads him by 13, and Clinton leads him by 11. Edwards leads Mike Huckabee by 25 points, Obama leads him by 15 points, and Clinton leads him by 11. Edwards leads John McCain by eight points, Obama is tied with McCain, and Clinton trails McCain by two points.

Summer’s Response to Ron Paul Supporters

Summer over at WWJV4 responds to the Ron Paul supporters that responded en masse to her post yesterday. I really liked what Summer had to say today. Check it out.

Stop Telecom Retroactive Immunity

Watch this 1.5 minute video message from Bradley Whitford. He urges us all to speak out urging Congress not to grant retroactive immunity to Telecoms for illegally spying on Americans. Check out the site here.

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