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Venus is Rad

Check out this article for some really cool Venus animations.

Venus is Rad

Jake and Reese: Mile High Club?

Bwaahaa Hahaha Haha Ha.

Yeah. Whatever. They have the best stunt publicity people ever… Give me a break.

Dolly Parton Is Awesome

This song (and the video) is fun and inspirational. She’s such an amazing woman.

I <3 Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett Flaunt

Head on over to Oh La La for more hot pics of Josh.

Mike Gravel: Power to the People

This is effing awesome. I’m thinking a Kucinich/Gravel ticket sure would be awesome!

Deleted Scene from Sicko

According to Michael Moore, this scene was deleted from the final edit of Sicko because he just didn’t think Americans would believe it. I personally think it got cut because it doesn’t actually have much to do with healthcare.

Anyone want to move to Norway with me?!

Writer’s Strike: Sandra Oh

I love this speech for many reasons. I love the anti-corporate message, the share-the-wealth message, and the organize-and-unite message. Whoever wrote that speech did a great job!


Andy over at Towleroad covered this hilarious story: A gay bar in Manila has taken some well known icons and done a switcheroo. I love it!

Darth Leia Super Woman

He Is Coming

From Empire Magazine:

Joker Empire Magazine

Daily Dose of Cuteness

Thanks to Dangermarc for sharing this ridiculously cute clip:


I love Barats and Bereta. They’re hilarious and cute too. Check out their newest video MANtage:

Stealing the California Election

I wrote about this before. I thought the scandal pretty much killed the efforts of the Giuliani team to split California’s electoral votes. Apparently I was mistaken. Today Crooks and Liars had this coverage. Watch the video here. A must see.

Sen. Trent Lott Resigns

So is Senator Lott resigning to beat the new law requiring a 2-year mandatory wait time for a member of Congress to become a lobbyist? (Current law requires only one year.) The new law goes into effect January 1, 2008. Or is he resigning because of this?

C-IN2 Prison Ads

Are prison inmates really this pretty? Do they wear short little undies and nothing else? In my fantasies the answer is yes to both…

Fun Times with SNL

Tressant Supreme

Taco Town

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