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Reese is Jake’s Beard

Jake and Reese Canoodle

It’s all over the news today. Read it here, here, and here.

Sorry Jake, I don’t buy it. Neither does WWTDD:

This is still way suspect. For starters, she’s 31 and he’s 26 and she has two kids. Also, he’s super gay. Although if he’s not gay, pretending to be gay would be a pretty good ploy to get chicks. You could get drunk with a girl, bang her in the ass then play it off by going shopping for shoes. And if you need a pair of shoes, it’s win-win.

This dude should really just come out of the closet. He’s full blown gay and this vagina based treachery isn’t fooling me for one second. Is it just self loathing or what? He has to hate himself a little if he’s pushing his penis up against Reese and Kirsten Dunst. I don’t see what the big deal is. I would totally go queer if I wasn’t such a manly hunk. Gay guys get to drive fuel efficient cars and wear tank tops, and you’re rarely gonna get carjacked by a homo. All in all, you could definitely make a decent argument that the world would be better with more gay guys.

And finally, here’s another gay dude with his fag hag. Holding hands with a girl doesn’t make you straight.

Madonna and Rupert Everett

My Letters to Senators re: Judge Southwick Confirmation

Today the Senate voted to confirm controversial judicial nominee Judge Leslie Southwick to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Nine Democrats voted to confirm the nominee while three didn’t cast a vote. I decided to write a letter to the Senators.

The nine Democratic Senators who voted to confirm were: Akaka (HI), Byrd (WV), Conrad (ND), Dorgan (ND), Feinstein (CA), Johnson (SD), Lincoln (AR), Nelson (NE), and Pryor (AR). My letter to these Senators reads:
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Bush Screws the Country

From my friend Shane. (Kinda NSFW):

Jake G: On the Floor of the Men’s Room

Jake Shirtless

Why is Jakey so familiar with what a men’s room floor feels like? This from the same interview where he denies being gay. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

“I discovered two things that day: that the floor in a women’s bathroom is colder than the floor in the men’s. And believe me I’ve spent a lot of time on the floor of a men’s bathroom so I should know!”

And from the ever-snarky WWTDD:

Uhhhh … did he just say he spends a lot of time on the floor in mens bathrooms? So much so that he can compare the temperature of the tile? Holy moly. The article isn’t clear, but I’m assuming they did the interview while he was roller-skating in between some orange cones he set up on Venice Beach, right after he put on some tiny metallic silver shorts and a cowboy hat.

Shia LaBulge

Trent posted a pic of Shia’s massive bulge:

Shia Bulge

The boys at Oh La La Paris have a different explanation:

We just want to make a small “adjustment” the bulge excitement going on around Shia Lebeouf’s package, if you look closer and I am sure you did, you can see this is not a bulge, but just what happens when you pull up your pants too much and wrap a belt tight around your waste … How very 80’s !!!

Blind Item: Jake G?

From Page Six:

WHICH movie studio is desperately trying to hide its latest star’s homosexuality? They have made him pair up with his leading lady, whom he couldn’t care less about.

Is it Jake and Reese? I say yes.

This Land is Your Land

I went to see This Land is Your Land tonight with Trix, Snarkyninja, Dre, and Estephania. I liked the message: Corporations are responsible for the destruction of our traditional American way of life. The documentary explored the issue of corporate personhood and what’s being done all over the country to challenge it.

One my favorite phrases came at the end, when a radio broadcaster was talking about his father. He said that back in the day his dad, and everyone for that matter, truly believed that “Everyone does better when everyone does better.” This was underlying ideal behind the post-war America and what made the New Deal programs so popular. Years of Republican propaganda have promoted a “every man for himself” mentality. I hope that it won’t take too much longer before we move back to a “everyone does better when everyone does better” frame of mind. I believe that the national healthcare will live or die on how well the Democrats can resurrect this populist frame.

Many thanks to CounterCorp for hosting this film festival.

Dumbledore is Gay

DumbledoreJ.K. Rowling revealed this week that she always considered Dumbledore a gay character. It’s nice to know that Dumbledore was “family.” I’m sure all the fanfic writers out there are fast at work on a slew of new (yes, there are already plenty of old ones) stories about gay Dumbledore.

I love this:

After a collective gasp, the audience roared with applause. Rowling was clearly astonished by the positive reaction and exclaimed, “if I’d known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!” She went on to say that she thought Dumbledore had fallen in love with Grindelwald, a Dark Wizard he defeated in battle in 1945, which possibly made it forgivable that he had not seen Grindelwald’s true nature, because “falling in love can blind us to an extent.”

I wonder if this is what gay ol’ Dumbledore was thinking of at night?


Oh. My. God.

Snarkyninja posted about this unbelievably cool metal sculpture. I want to go see this. How awesome would it be if the art at Burning Man was like this? I want this to be the kind of art that people everywhere make.

More here and here.

Forevertron 1

Forevertron 2

Bird Dances to Backstreet Boys

Dangermarc sent me this awesome link to a cockateel dancing to Backstreet Boys. If I were a bird, I’d be dancing to it too. Okay, okay. Even as a human I dance my ass off to this song! 😉

BDB Bird

Shadow Art

My friend Lady Leblanc posted about some amazing sculpture by artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Seriously, is this for real? If so, I’m blown away.

Shadow Art 1

Shadow Art 2

Shadow Art 3

Top Gun = Gay

Scott Rocket sent me this awesome clip in which Quentin Tarantino explains how Top Gun is gay:

via videosift.com

Transformers IMAX

Seriously: Go see this… Seeing Optimus Prime 70 feet tall and hearing his voice boom all around made me all tingly. If you didn’t see it in July, then go see it now. Even if you did see it in July, go see it again. Simply spectacular.

Oh! And, they added some new footage, but none that contained new CG.

Chris Evans and Alec Baldwin

The other day a reader posted a comment about how Chris Evans sort of looks like Alec Baldwin did 20ish years ago. You decide:

Alec Baldwin shirtless

Sodam Yat… Raawwrrrr

Many years ago, I started reading comics again. Green Lantern had always been my favorite super hero, but I’d fallen out of love with the whole comic thing. Then, Hal Jordan fell from grace and Kyle Rayner stepped in. Kyle taking the mantle of GL was single-handedly responsible for my renewed love of comics. I really dug his character. I identified with his insecurity, the fact that he was surrounded by a league of greats, etc. And the NYC artist/super hero is just plain hot:

Kyle Parallax

Lately, I’ve been following the Sinestro Corps story line pretty closely. Kyle had recently become Ion, the torchbearer for the GL Corps. Then, during the Sinestro Corp story, he had Ion ripped from his body and was forcibly infused with Parallax, the same evil entity that had corrupted Hal Jordan years ago. In Part 8, Kyle becomes a regular old Green Lantern again (lame).

The best thing so far, though, was the introduction of a new-ish character in Part 7: Sodam Yat. Hello Mr. Studmuffin. Sodam Yat is my new Green Lanter crush. Buh Buye Kyle, you’ve got some competition now. Sodam Yat — more like So-Damn HOT:

Sodam Yat

Oh, who am I kidding? Kyle Rayner: You’ll always have my heart (and other things if you ever want em!).

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