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Wonder Woman-otron

Happy Halloween everyone. In the spirit of things, here’s me all dressed up for Halloween last year:


Zac Efron’s Makeup

Zac EfronThis article over at Salon is awesome. The question that’s posed: Is Zac Efron a sign that American men are ready to start wearing makeup?

Funny things from the article include the revelation that Perez Hilton refers to Zac as Zacquisha. The words mancake and guyliner are used profusely in the article. And finally, the author refers to Zac as the “Frankenstein of metrosexuality.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s brilliant. I love Salon.

Green Lantern Critic

I’ve been reading the blog FilmDrunk lately, and loving it. Then today I came across a post that made me loose a little respect for the blog. The author calls Green Lantern the “bottom of the superhero barrell [sic].” I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and all. But, not when their opinions are wrong!

Here’s my favorite quote from the post:

In related news, I like to pretend my prince Albert is a power ring given to me by an ancient alien race. Mostly I run around the neighborhood without my pants, pointing my penis at people and going “Pew pew pew!”

Power Boy: Emo or Metro?

Power Boy

I’ve commented before that I think Power Boy is teh hotness. I didn’t realize the extent of his pretty-boy looks, though. He’s got gorgeous locks that are perfectly strewn about. And let’s not forget about the golden swath of bangs.

I know that he dated Supergirl recently, so I’m going to presume he’s straight. But given his hair and general look, the question is: Is Power Boy Emo or Metrosexual? You decide.

Power Boy

Power Boy Power Boy

Power Boy Power Boy

Power Boy Power Boy

Channing Tatum Nekkid

My friend Kenny reminded me today how hot Channing Tatum is. So, here’s a little photo tribute to Channing “I’m-hot-as-hell” Tatum. Kenny, this one’s for you!

Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked

Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked

Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked Channing Tatum Naked

Channing Tatum Naked

Ruthless at the Purple Onion

RuthlessOn Friday night I went to see Ruthless with my good friend Lene. Before the play, we had dinner at Caffe Macaroni, which was a fun Italian restaurant in North Beach. Critical Mass was taking place right outside on Columbus Street, so there was lots of commotion and excitement in the air.

I knew from the first few minutes that the musical was going to be a riot. Donna Sachet opens the play with a narration, and we get a glimpse of what’s to come. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you this: Ruthless is about the cut-throat ways of Broadway. And, it’s a musical that pokes fun at musicals. Lene’s friend Pat had my favorite song of the entire show titled “I Hate Musicals.”

The entire cast was amazing. I was particularly impressed with young Hannah Rose Kornfeld. If you’re looking for some fun theater in North Beach, I highly recommend Ruthless!

Green Lantern Movie

Woohoo! They’re making a Green Lantern movie.

Lene asked me who I’d cast as Hal Jordan. I thought about it for like 5 seconds before responding: “Josh Duhamel.” He’s got the right pretty-boy look, with just enough of an edge. And, he looks hot naked.

Josh Duhamel Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel Naked Josh Duhamel Naked

Is the Prius Really All That?

Hummer vs. Prius

Salon explores whether the Prius and other hybrids are really better than other fuel efficient cars with regards to environmental impact. The answer may surprise you.

Steve Jobs Is A Big Meanie

A nine year old girl sent a letter to Steve Jobs with suggestions on how to make the iPod Nano even better than it already was. One suggestion, include song lyrics onscreen so people can sing along with their songs. The letter she received in response made her cry. Read more here.

SF Anti-War Rally

Peace Flags SF Anti-warI went to the SF Anti-War Rally this weekend in San Francisco. Besides being critical of the multi-issue nature of the event, I was impressed with the turnout and the atmosphere of activism.

I thought it was odd to have speakers rallying for a host of issues such as, Free Mumia, Workers Rights, Immigration Rights, Native American Oppression, Palestine Liberation, etc. I also thought it was odd that the Iraq War Veterans for Peace, the mothers of deceased Iraq soldiers, and Cindy Sheehan spoke last. That seems like poor planning to me. They were definitely the most vivid and compelling speakers of the day, and to put them on last when much of the crowd had dispersed was unfortunate.

I was glad to be at the rally and witness tens of thousands of people taking to the street to make their opinions heard. Yay for political activism!

Casting the JLA Movie: Wonder Woman

It appears that the powers that be have cast the part of Wonder Woman in upcoming Justice League (flop) movie. Rumor has it that they’ve cast the part of Superman too. Here’s what WWTDD had to say about Wonder Woman:

Several online reports say today that Aussie actress Teresa Palmer has been cast to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of “Justice League”. God knows why. Wonder Woman doesn’t even do anything. At best she would distract the monster with her slutty little outfit, turning it from a regular monster to a horny monster with a hard on, which is actually much much worse. Basically she was there to give Aquaman rides in her plane to the danger if it wasn’t water related, which was really just a ploy to get both of them out of the way since they were utterly useless. If I was ever taken hostage by Godzilla and these two came to save me I would just climb into his mouth and get it over with.

Matt Dallas Is 25 and Gay

Matt Dallas is a cutie patootie. But, come on, who’s he really fooling? What straight guy dresses up in a flamboyant red jacket and a top hat for his 25th birthday?

The second Matt’s Disney contract is up, he’s gonna come out of the closet. You know he’ll be slutting around all the WeHo bars and sex clubs.

Matt Dallas 25th Bday Matt Dallas 25th Bday normal_062.jpg Matt Dallas 25th Bday
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Top 10 Reasons Gay Marriage is UnAmerican

From the awesome blog What Would Jesus Vote For?:

Top 10 Reasons Gay Marriage is UnAmerican

1. Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

2. Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3. Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.
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Arctic Ice Melt 2007

This NASA video is frightening.


Feinstein Has Got to Go!

This post over at Towleroad drove me crazy. The Republicans heaping praise on Feinstein. ARGH! What, is she the new Lieberman: Democrat in title only?

From the post:

There were discussions about Republican cooperation on appropriations if Democrats agreed to back Southwick.

This is exactly what my mom said to me last night when I told her about my letter writing and Feinstein’s vote. She said, “They must be making some devil’s pact where the Republicans will say they’ll concede on some other issue or vote. Even though, when it comes time, they won’t.”

I am ashamed to have Feinstein as my home state Senator. I even called Feinstein’s office the day before the vote urging her not to confirm Southwick. Diane Feinstein consistently falls on the wrong side of important issues. When she’s up for reelection I think it’s time she was replaced by someone better. Unfortunately, given that she’s like the 5th richest Senator and has amazing name recognition in California, she’s likely to be very hard to unseat. If I had any bit of political campaign know-how, I’d run against her myself, if only to make it known that Feinstein is not right for California.

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