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How Many Times Can You Vote in Texas??

SnarkyNinja sent this to me. Hard to believe:

glumbert – How many times can you vote in Texas?

Drop The Beet

From Chris Apollo:

John Edwards on HIV/AIDS

This is a good summary of John Edwards’ HIV/AIDS Program. Even though he won’t likely be elected President, I’m happy that he’s in the race. By being on the campaign trail and making his ideas and plans heard, he is helping shift the nation slightly more to the left on important issues. (Of course, it helps that he’s polling in the top 3.) Some might argue he’s even moving the other Democratic candidates more to the populist left (see Hillary Clinton’s recent and significantly more inclusive healthcare plan that’s nearly identical to Edwards’ plan that he presented months ago). Win or lose, I’m happy Edwards is in the race and taking bold positions that reflect my political philosophies.

Hot Gay Action on As The World Turns

For the last few months, I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of gay teenager Luke on As The World Turns. Now, I’m not a big soaps fan. I don’t sneak off on my lunch break to go watch the daytime dramas, or anything extreme like that. I do, however, keep track of the Luke’s story via Youtube.

Initially, Luke had a coming out story line. Then, he crushed on his straight friend. And, more recently, he has been struggling with his affection for a closeted hot Jewish boy name Noah who’s dating Luke’s best girlfriend Maddie. Check out this site for some great screen caps and some general fanboy obsession. Also check out this Youtube collection of the whole Luke saga in 23 parts (so far).

Luke and Noah’s recent kiss:

Onion or Reality?

At first, I couldn’t tell if this was a cleverly disguised Onion article. Has he gone mad?

In his address, Bush called on “all the world’s largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, including developed and developing nations,” to come together and “set a long-term goal for reducing” greenhouse emissions.

“By setting this goal, we acknowledge there is a problem, and by setting this goal, we commit ourselves to doing something about it,” he said.

Of course he can commit the US to greenhouse emission reduction now — he’ll be out of office by the time any real progress and changes have to be made. And then the economic concerns and wobbles can be blamed on his successor. Meanwhile, he removes some tarnish from his record by at least acknowledging the problem before he leaves office.

When Calling Your Representative(s) Goes Awry

Devin NunesMy mom has been recovering from surgery and spending mornings at home for the past several weeks. She has been reading her email daily, and looking at all of her email from MoveOn.org. One of the emails she read prompted her to call her U.S. House of Representative Devin Nuñes’ office in Washington, D.C. She called regarding the SCHIP bill that funds millions of kids’ healthcare.

Apparently the funding is set to expire over the weekend unless the new reauthorization bill passes. Democrats have increased the coverage under the new bill so that more kids will get health insurance. Republicans are upset and Bush has threatened to veto the bill. The reason my mom called is that my niece is covered under SCHIP because my sister doesn’t qualify for medicare but doesn’t make enough to have her own health insurance (and her employer doesn’t cover her).

The amazing thing is what Nuñes’ aide said to my mom. The Washington office aide, named Andrew, told my mom that:
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Red State Update

Usually I could live without the Red State Update vlogs. But this one is hi-larious. Listen for their characterization of homosexuals. Awesome.

Mormon Stud Calendar

Shawn Baker over at Nightcharm has a great comment on the Mormon Calendar that I recently blogged about. Shawn talks about the calendar, but digs deeper into Christian’s hypocritical use of the culture they so despise (hot guys, edgy rock, etc.) as long as it adds young recruits to their ranks. He even hilariously explores Mitt Romney’s campaign’s use of Romney’s 5 studly sons to appeal to young people.

Note: the article is safe for work, but the blog and it’s associated ads/images are NSFW.

Ruining Your Tanning

Mike sent this over to me today. HOT.

Ruining Your Tanning

Book Review: Hero

Hero Book CoverOne night while in Utah, I picked up Hero by Perry Moore and didn’t put it down until I’d finished reading it. It wasn’t that difficult, what with no TV, cell phone reception, or internet. What’s a boy to do? (Besides *that*! Get your mind out of the gutters…)

Hero is about a young teenage kid, Thom, who discovers he has super powers. At the same time he is starting to come to grips with the fact that he’s gay. Thom battles with coming out as a super hero to his father who hung up his own cape in shame years previous. His father disdains the super hero world almost as much as he detests homosexuals. To make matters worse, Thom’s mom split the scene, leaving him with a homo-hating, superpower-hating dad. Thom struggles with his dual challenge of coming out as a super hero and as a gay teenager.
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Top 10 Things We Hate About Gay Porn

Check out the full Top 10 Things We Hate About Gay Porn Videos over at Night Charm. NSFW

My faves are:

8. Not Enough Big Dicks
Sure, there are probably over eight million videos devoted solely to the glory of Monster Dick. We say, why not 80 million?

2. Perfect is not Sexy
We blame Falcon Studios and their notorious “car wash” studio system: The company is known for its assembly-line of perfectly clipped, buzzed, buffed, and manicured models who never seem to have a tan-line out of place.

Columbia U. President: Lee Bollinger

This is why it was important to give Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a chance to participate in a public question/answer forum in the US. Many are (were) up in arms that we Columbia, or anyone, would grant the Iranian leader a platform from which to speak. But, I think Columbia University’s President Lee Bollinger’s comments, and the subsequent absurd comments from President Ahmadinejad, are the exact reasons why. It is important to engage in debate with those we disagree with for a couple of solid reasons. First, perhaps we can learn something from the each other in a lively, intelligent debate. Or, as in this case, we can encourage those who support extreme views to defend and explain themselves.

Braniac-5 is GAY

What the hell is up with Superman-related gayness these days?

Hillary Will Vote Against Funding the War

Good for her. I like her more today than I did yesterday.

Win a Date with “Big-Hosed” Fireman

NYFD Hot FiremanYou may remember him from this not-so-little expose on Guys Gone Wild. Now you can win a date with the hot NYFD studmuffin.

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