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Jake and Maggie = Wonder Twins

Wonder TwinsRumors (and they are just rumors) are flying about that Jakey G and his sis Maggie are being considered for the roles of Jayna and Zan in the new Justice League movie. That would be so dope! I love Jakey and Maggie is a cutie too. Not everyone is as excited about this rumor as I am though.

Mexican Justice League

Back At It: Groovy Dancing Girl

Although I don’t like this song as much as the last one, I still want to go out dancing with this dope chick. Her moves are funky fresh.

Tears: Then And Now

Many thanks to Andy over at Towleroad for posting this clip. It brings back the day my mom and I sat watching the live coverage 10 years ago. As I sit here at my desk 10 years later watching this poignant moment, tears are trickling down my cheeks just like they did in 1997.


Extras is a hilarious show on HBO. Ricky Gervais stars in this sit-com as a Hollywood extra who gets to meet an assortment of big stars. Each week, various stars make cameos where they parody themselves. Here are two of my faves, Ian McKellan and Ben Stiller:



Here’s YMCA from the film Can’t Stop The Music starring The Village People in 1980. Don’t miss the hot locker room and shower action in the first minute or so. I need a membership to that gym!

A few of the keywords from IMDB include: Male Frontal Nudity, Gay Cowboy, Dancing, Drugs, Fantasy Sequence, Fitness Gym, Flirting, Gay Interest, Golden Gate Bridge, Houseguest, Locker Room, Male Nudity, Premarital Sex, Profanity, Roller Skating, Romance, San Francisco, Topless.

I am totally going to go rent this movie this weekend.

Ivri Lider: Bo

Ivri Lider is so hot. And his songs are pretty. I have yet to see Yossi and Jagger, but I plan on seeing it asap.

Matty and I both have huge crushes on Ivri. Ivri: Will you marry me?

New Planet Unicorn

Chris Apollo just alerted me to the new Planet Unicorn clips #4 and #5. Episode 4 has the best theme song remix EV-AR.

Look for some special cameo appearances by “The Rock.”


Reichen and his BFs AbsReichen and his new boyfriend are showing off the fact that they eat celery all day and do 3,000 crunches per hour. I hate them both. (But only because I secretly covet their abs.)

Oh, and Reichen is getting fuglier the older he gets. That boyfriend of his though, save me a seat on his lap!

Reader Question: Who do you think is the top and who’s the bottom in this relationship? Reichen or Ryan?

Missionary Style

I saw this over at Towleroad today. Matty, this one’s for you: Even though I think Latter Days is a terrible waste of time, this calendar is totally hot.

The Man Burns… Early

Burning Man 2007 ArsonSomeone set fire to the Burning Man statue, 5 days too early. An arsonist lit the icon on fire. Fire officials were able to douse the flames, and organizers say they will have it rebuilt in time for the ceremony on Saturday night. I’ll throw my towel in on the side of “wow, that really sucks.”


Favorite dirty double-entendres of the day:

Premature Withdrawal
Pulling Out Early

In one context I’m a huge fan. In another, I whole heartedly oppose.

Gossip: Jake Is Adopting

Ok, even I have a hard time believing this. Even though I mentioned much of the same news here, I find some of JJ’s Blog entry to be a bit far-fetched.

Jake and his bf are currently expecting a baby through a surrogate. They used a company based in Westwood, CA. The baby is due in September.

What they forgot to mention is that I am pregger’s with Jakey’s baby. Jakey’s gonna be my baby-daddy. That’s right, Logan and Jake sitting in a tree, popping-out-babies -i-n-g.

Update: I love WWTDD sooo much.

Where’s Seattle?

For a certain friend (who shall remain nameless) who had some trouble knowing where Seattle was located.

Is Wentworth Coming Out?

I mentioned it here back in June. And now the first photos have surfaced of Wentworth Miller and Luke McFarlane in public together. Well, the photos at least show that they know each other, have walked down a street together, and been in a car together. And, to the best of my knowledge, boyfriends also do those things. Therefore, they must be boyfriends. My logical reasoning is amazing.

Wentworth and Luke 1 Wentworth and Luke 2 Wentworth and Luke 3

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