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Matt Dallas in Camp Daze

Camp Daze Poster Last night Migs and I watched Camp Daze (aka Camp Slaughter). I’ll just be honest here, we watched it for one reason only: Matt Dallas acting all homo-ified. And we got what we hoped for. The Kyle XY actor plays a gay guy who develops a crush on a blond twink in this supposed horror film. (You may recall my previous post in which I questioned the sexual orientation of Mr. Dallas.)

What Migs and I didn’t expect was homoeroticism that went far beyond Matt Dallas’s gay character. There were shirtless boys galore, many of whom were extremely well built and scantily clad. Super-hottie Ikaika from the show Making the Band: O-Town, plays the role of a camp counselor. And damn, does that boy have amazing abs! How do I know, you ask? Well, because he parades around in a half-shirt and short-shorts throughout the movie.
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4th Circuit Ruling: Bush Slapped Down

The 4th Circuit of Appeals handed down a ruling that says Bush does not have the power to indefinitely and militarily detain citizens without due process. When I saw the headlines, I didn’t really blink an eye. Big whoop, right? Then I began to pay more attention and realized that the 4th Circuit is often considered the most conservative of the Appeals Courts. The fact that they ruled against the expansion of the unitary executive is remarkable.

Then today I read Sidney Blumenthal’s article in Salon and Chris Floyd’s blog about the ruling. Both articles underscore the significance of the ruling, while expressing concern that Congress will just roll over and give Bush the powers denied by the Appeals Court.

I was most impressed with the actual text of the ruling. Here is an excerpt that makes me have some faith in the judicial system and our democracy again:

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I missed this week’s episode of America’s Got Talent. In the episode uber hotties Sideswipe performed. Holy hot damn! Break me off a piece of that!

I love when Jerry Springer tells the camera that Sharon Osbourne is going to love the hot, shirtless boys. While it’s true that Sharon does dig the boyflesh, it seems to me that Hasselhoff is way more into the boys than Sharon. Methinks the Hoff dost haveth a boy crush.

As for me, I have a crush on Jackson. He’s so dreamy — he looks like the love child of Chris O’Donnell and Colin Farrel:
Jackson1 Jackson2

Unclever Comebacks

You’re Brain DamageThis comic panel, sent in by Dangermarc, epitomizes the banter style of our group of friends. Click on the image for a larger, more legible version of the comic.

The World Without Us

The World Without UsThe July issue of Scientific American has a preview of Alan Weisman’s new book The World Without Us. This book looks like it’ll be an amazing read when it hits the stans in July. The book presupposes the disappearance of the human species, although it doesn’t examine how mankind disappears. From there Weisman explores what happens in our absence. Cities decay and collapse, wildlife resurges, and certain man made artifacts last forever. The preview article in Scientific American is an exciting peek at what promises to be an awesome book. I know I’ll be picking up a copy. Check out the Scientific American preview article here.

Logan’s Window

Logan’s WindowSexy character artist Dangermarc sketched this picture of my room the other night. Check out his other amazing art at Dangermarc.com.

Contest: Swedish College Dudes Kissing

I don’t exactly understand the premise here. But, it appears to me that this is a contest that gets straight dudes to make out. (Note the numbers pinned to their chests. Suggests a contest, right?) Whatever the case, I think it’s pretty hot to see these Swedish college guys making out in public. I’d love to enter that contest. Yum!

Fantastic Four 2 – Podcast Review

Silver Surfer FaceLene, Dangermarc, and I reviewed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer over on Lene’s blog I Read Comics. After watching the movie at the Metreon, we made our way over to my place to record the podcast. Lots of fun was had by all… Except for Dangermarc who hates the movie and all that is good in the world.

Check out our podcast review here.

Michael Jackson, Ventriloquist, Monkey

Ok, with keywords like that, how can you NOT watch this clip?!

More Comic Gay Stuff

I was Google image searching “Green Arrow Gay” for the previous post, and I found a few more pics that made me laugh. The first is a fan’s slash pic of Green Arrow as a gay daddy bear. Freakin’ hilarious. How do you say… Funny because it’s true!

The second image is a page from a Green Lantern comic. Kyle Rayner has surprised Connor Hawke, his friend and Green Arrow’s son. When taken completely out of context (as per the image below), this scene is so laden with gay innuendo it screams lover’s quarrel!

Green Arrow gay daddy bear GL and Connor Hawke gay

Comic Book Covers

These two comic book covers made me giggle.

Green Arrow Black Canary WeddingThe first is a cover by Amanda Connors for the special wedding issue of Black Canary and Green Arrow. I love that Black Canary has Ollie thrown over her shoulder. It reminds me of the traditional caveman image with a helpless woman thrown over the brute’s shoulder. Despite how cheesy the rest of the cover image may be, I love the use gender reversal in the image. It’s also funny because we all know Ollie would totally dig a manly woman. Or, maybe he’d just prefer a manly… man. Check out this podcast that I co-hosted last September, where my friend Lene and I discuss Ollie’s penchant for virile young men.

Spider-Man S-n-M The second image is a cover from the Amazing Spider-Man. Even though Spidey is drawn way too thick around the waste and chest for my taste, I do like the cover for other reasons. Doesn’t it look like Spidey is all caught up in S&M webbing? It’s kind of kinky, in a weird spider-web bondage sorta way. But I like it. Because you know Spider-Man just had to get a little kinky with those webs of his at least once in a while!

Click either image to get a larger view of the comic book covers.

Oceans on Mars Discovered

Mars Ocean This article made my day on Friday. How freaking awesome is it that they finally discovered the shorelines of two massive oceans on Mars? Totally awesome.

Batman’s new threads

The Dark Knight batsuit Entertainment Weekly ran an article showing Batman’s new suit in the upcoming sequel “The Dark Knight.” It seems to me that the bulging codpiece has been reduced in size, which is disappointing. Everyone knows that playboy Bruce Wayne (played by the hunky Christian Bale), has to have a huge package. Seriously. It must take balls the size of an elephant to pull some of those stunts. Elephant-sized nuts = huge codpiece. Nuff said.

Side-by-side comparison of the old batsuit and the new one, after the jump.

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I was in Seattle today for a client meeting. Outside of my client’s office was this man-sized sculpture of a Frankenstein pig. Definitely cute, but wtf?


Work From home Rehab Package

PirateS sent me yet another great time-wasting and hilarious link today. I’ve posted a few of my favorite “alternative greeting cards” above. Check out more truly bizarre e-cards at Someecards.

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